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Dentist Visit

I visited the dentist last Friday!

It was a year and half ago when I had my first tooth extraction. I promised myself to go for dental checkup a year later but I’ve been delaying it for an extra half year because I thought I need another extraction for this one other tooth (which decayed very badly but has been filled around the same period as my first tooth extraction).

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Chitty Chatty

My First Tooth Extraction Experience

I had my tooth extracted last Friday. It was my first ever experience. *I secretly hope there will be no more but I doubt it. I have 1 more bad tooth, now with filling. Not sure how long that can last. Gulps (forever I hope haha)*

So how do you think it went?

To tell you the truth, I was more nervous on Tuesday (the day I went to see the dentist for the toothache) than on Friday, THE extraction day itself. I must thank these women for sharing their tooth extraction stories with me. So THANK YOU Grandma, Mom, Dawn & Swee San.

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Chitty Chatty

Dentist Visit Again

After nearly 3 weeks plus, I’ve finally found time to visit the dentist. Haha So far this was the most painful visit. The filling for the upper right tooth have came off. Which means my tooth has been decaying for 3 weeks. Argghh! Mr. Dentist applied some kind of medicine at my decaying tooth (to kill the germ I guess). It was so painful that I wailed all the way back home. It took a while for the painkiller to take effect ma. AND AND AND he booked me for tooth extraction this coming Friday. Oh god! Oh god! My worst nightmare is becoming a reality!!!

I know sooner or later I need to get rid of this tooth. Because a. if I continue with a new filling, the filling will fall off again because the dentist couldn’t sew the filing because this tooth is too deep inside. b. Mr. Dentist said better extract now while he still have half of the tooth left. Yeah the other half of the tooth no longer there… decayed.

Having a bird poop on your head on the afternoon itself does not help the situation. Is this a sign? Bad luck? Good luck?

So dear readers, care to share with me your tooth extraction experience? I need to know how bad or not bad it is. Me scare. Me worry. Me sad.

Dreading Friday.

Chitty Chatty

Dentist (Part 2)

My visit to the dentist yesterday was anti-climatic (unlike the first two). Nervous? sure but not that much.

A little girl was the first to go in with her parents. Less than a minute later, I was called in. The room has 3 dentist chairs. I occupy one and waited for the dentist to finish his job with the little girl. She was a little difficult to handle and at 1 point the dentist scolded her. Wah I’m scared liao.

Then it was my turn. Time to remove the temporary filling & put in the permanent one. It was a breeze baby! No pain! I heard a funny & new ‘krrk krrk’ sound this time. Grandma said that’s the sewing part. I was like huh??? Put filling need to sew meh?

It was all over in less than 10 minutes I think. This time I pay RM45. Will need to wait at least days before I can munch food on this newly filled tooth. I will need to go back again for another temporary filling for my ‘rear’ tooth on the opposite side. Then again to put the permanent one. Then again for cleaning.

I’m pretty sure by the time I go back for the cleaning, my nervousness will be zilch.

Chitty Chatty

DENTIST!!! (Part 1)

From small, I’ve always hate going to the dentist. I hate it when my milk teeth were on the process of falling off. Goyang… goyang… (shaking). Plus I always had ‘teeth falling off’ nightmare when I was young. Kekeke

When Hedo blogged about her dentist rendezvous early March, I had just found out that something is not right with my teeth.

One day I was enjoying my lovely noodle when suddenly I felt a stingy pain in my mouth lower left area. Later on I felt another pain at my upper right area as well. I thought it was just heaty (yit hei). But deng deng deng… Alas I found that I have 2 decaying teeth. So sad. Yes so sad because my teeth has never been ‘tampal’/had filling before. Can say healthy la.

A couple of days before reading Hedo’s dentist post, I had a nightmare. My nightmare was I found one of my tooth is loose. Talk about dream becoming reality… Aiy!!! (almost)

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