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Chester, So You’re Not Being Picky?

My dog started to be picky with his food about 2 weeks back. He’ll leave 1 or 2 kibbles behind and when I tell him to eat the remaining pieces, he’ll eat it but only to spit out again. Then he started to leave more kibbles behind. This actually is something I’ve dealt with before. It’s like him saying I’ve had enough of this kibbles, buy me a new one (new taste).

But then I noticed fresh blood (very little) in his poo. Not every day but 2-4 days once. I thought his current food must’ve gone bad. He was on Canidae at that time. I found from the net that Canidae has gone through some major changes in its ingredients around 2009 and some dogs eating this ‘new’ Canidae had problems (no appetite, blood with poo) similar to Chester. So I bought a new small packet of kibbles (Natural Balance) for Chester but he still has no appetite. Then I bought another big packet (Innova), still same – no appetite. Note: I mixed old kibbles with new one.

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Chester’s Bloody Diarrhea

Anyone miss us?

Chester and I just came back from our separate vacation few days ago. My dog spent nearly a week at a home boarding while I went on a short trip.

On the day Chester came home, I was told that he had diarrhea once in the morning at the boarding place. Come evening at home, my dog has another round of diarrhea and no appetite to eat. Hence I added some milk to his kibbles (since he likes milk). He ate most of it. Not long after that my worst nightmare started. Chester had diarrhea practically in every 1-2 hours interval. This went on until 3am in the morning. A total of 7-8 times diarrhea!

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