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New Dill Plant

I bought a new dill plant over the weekend. And nope I didn’t go to Sungai Buloh this time. I bought this potted herb at the most unlikely place… at a shopping mall. Jusco to be precised! Saw rosemary, oregano, thyme, mint at Jusco’s gardening section. They are from Baba.

My 1st dill plant has dried up. Only one small bunch of leaves are still green but wilting. And now I know why it died on me. Because… because I didn’t provide enough water. I watered once every 2 days because I read it’s drought resistant ma. Hahahahaha

For this new plant I water twice a day, morning and evening. Let’s see whether it’ll grow or ahem ahem… die.

As you can see, some of the leaves aren’t looking great. It’s showing some wilting and yellowing sign. Hopefully this is just a temporary shock. Oh yeah I read dill plant can go to shock if you change its environment… in this case from an air-conditioned mall to warm porch.

The first dill plant bought at Lot 43, Sungai Buloh cost RM10. This one at Jusco cost RM10.90. Okay la.

So now you know where to go if you need to buy ’emergency’ potted herbs.

p/s: My oregano and mint aren’t looking great either. Oregano I think is getting old so I need to re-pot. Mint… hmm its leaves is so small and dried very easily. I should water more. Haha


Dill, Dill, I Love You

Dill, Dill, I Love Youuuu
(singing to the tune of a popular 40s Chinese song: Rose, Rose, I Love You)

But why are you dying on me???
I tried saving you by giving you larger home, richer soil and 6 hours of sun.
But you’re still dying on me… why? why? why?
Am I killing you softly?

Hey at least I was able to capture your beautiful flower before you lose all your glory!

This is a commemorative post to mark the soon-to-be passing of my dill NOT.
Don’t worry I’m not that emo. Hehe Still it’s a little sad not knowing how to save a dying plant. Feeling helpless here.

Come check out some of the pictures I took of the lovely dill flower.

No photoshop involved. This is a straight out of camera (sooc) picture.

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My Herbs & Roselle Plant

It’s been 2.5 weeks since I bought several potted herbs from Sungai Buloh. Let’s see how my herbs fair after nearly 3 weeks with me. LOL I didn’t re-potted the herbs into new pots unlike last time because I thought it’s better not to disturb them in their comfortable home (pots). This way is smarter I think especially for inexperience gardener like me.

I’ve bought a total of 6 herbs plus 1 more which is my mom’s but under my care. Place all of ’em beside my basil in shady area. I sun-bath them from morning till evening on the bricks fence except on rainy days.

All photos below will show a comparison on the day I bought the plants home and today’s condition.

Rosemary looking good so far but I think for a healthy rosemary, its leaves will grow upward. Mine sometime will be a horizontal and a bit droopy. As for lavender, it has grew taller. Yipee! Can’t wait till it flowers.

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