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7일의 왕비 Queen For Seven Days (Korean Drama)

Queen For Seven Days Poster

Queen For Seven Days is a story of love between a lady called Shin Chae Kyung and her prince. Their love in this drama is so achingly sweet, and yet devastatingly sad. 😍😭 This fiction sageuk drama is based on a true story, which makes it even more heartfelt. Their real-life love story (mostly folklore) can be found in the net (in Hangul).

From day one, Queen For Seven Days is known as a drama with tragic love story. And those who know the real story, will also know why. I signed into this drama knowing for sure I will cry my heart out like what I did in Uncontrollably Fond and Oh My Geum Bi. And what I can tell you is, ALL those that watched this drama ended up crying along the journey and particularly at the end. Crying doesn’t mean weak. For this drama, crying means celebrating their sweet beautiful love until the end of time. Although the drama is not 100% true to history, for us living in 2017, getting to know their love story that happened over 500 years ago means their love stood the test of time. For that, I’m in awe!
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Unkind Women, School 2015: Who Are You & Producer

Here are the three Korean dramas which I watched and liked. They were broadcasted from March to June this year.

Unkind Women
Unkind Women 착하지 않은 여자들

Unkind Women is about the ups and downs of 3 generations of women in a family; a grandmother, her two daughters and granddaughter.

I was excited at first about Song Jae Rim starring in this drama. His character pairing with Lee Ha Na were stimulating at first but once they are together, the chemistry quickly fizzles off. In the end, the ones who won my heart were Kang Soon Ok (the grandmother played by Kim Hye Ja) and Jang Mo Ran (the husband’s mistress played by Jang Mi Hee). Ohmygod what can I say? These two ladies are just so CUTE together. Those unkind words lashes out at each other and the dry humor they share… so wonderful & entertaining. I love ya you two. You hear me? Go on and watch this drama if not just for the sake of these two ahjummas.
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