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‘Real’ Dog Alarm

My dear dog was once my morning alarm clock. But after quite some time I began to ignore my ‘live’ alarm clock. Oh yes why not? After all we can get use to the alarm from our handphone and table clock where they’re no longer able to wake us (I know you’re nodding in agreement), so why not a barking alarm? Hehe

So my dog sort of gave up.

And then one day my dog alarm comes alive again! And this time he won’t stop barking until I get up. Saying “I’m coming, Chester” has no effect. I need to open the door and greet him. Aiyoooooooooooo Chester!!!

A slight noise like the knock of my bangles against the bed or sighing will set this wild, uncontrollable alarm off too!

And if I try to turn a deaf ear to his barking?

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