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How To Deal With Ear Mites In Dogs

Since the weather is quite cool this past weeks, a dog’s body is a great place to snuggle. I like warming my hands and feet under Chester’s belly, armpits (yup!) and even under his ear. So warm and heavenly! Unfortunately mites and ticks also have the same clever idea. Thankfully this time, Chester is free of ticks but both his ears are under ear mites attack. Grrrr!

Although they are ear mites, I don’t see any creepy crawlies in his ears. According to my dog Bible, ear mites are white in color, the size of pin head and they will move vigorously when you shine a light upon them. During this time, Chester love shaking and scratching his ears. The ears will also have frequent dark brown color discharge. Yucky!

That’s his ear cleaner on the left and ear medication on the right and middle.
Cotton with brown color ear discharge (foreground). This is considered not bad. During serious infestation, there will be a lot more brown discharge.

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Ear Mites. Yikes!

I brought Chester to the vet last weekend and guess what we found? He has ear mites on both ears. I think the ear mites have been bothering him for quite awhile. Hopefully he could forgive me for not taking him to the vet sooner. Sis and me bought nearly RM100 worth of dog treats for him. *rasuah*

Usually I only need to clean his ears once a week but with these ear mites thingy, I clean his ears on 2 or 3 alternate days and sometimes EVERYDAY. My initial conclusion was that we live in a humid environment thus sweaty and that explain the large amount of wax discharge found in his ears. Believe me they’re A LOT, usually in mahogany color and smelly!

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