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My Experiences In Buying Naked Vegetables & Fruits Without Plastic Packaging

I was going to post this topic on Instagram when I realized it’s too long for Insta and a proper post is needed. So, here it is.

Please note that I’ve had my fair shares of successes and failures when buying naked vegetables (without plastic packaging) from various places. Naked vegetables are far and in-between these days especially in supermarkets as most are already pre-wrapped in plastics or cling wraps. Below are some examples of my experiences.

Naked Vegetables & Fruits With Its Price Stickers
Playing with Econsave price stickers NOT!

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Save The Human, Save The Earth

Save the human, save the earth. – I have always believed in this quote. Human beings are the destroyer of the earth. It’s only when we save ourself, then only the earth can be saved. It’s cause and effect.

Why must we save ourself?
Because we are the reason the earth is sick.

Why must we care whether the earth is sick or not?
Because it will all come back to us! It’s already happening.

So, how do we save ourself?
By realizing what we have done to the environment, hence we change our attitude and lifestyle.

It’s as simple as that.

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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush & Dental Floss

I need to change my toothbrush recently as it’s very dirty and the bristle is quite frizzy already. I also need to get a new dental floss as I’ve emptied the current one. I never realized the impact of toothbrush and dental floss on our environment until recently. Wow, both are plastic?! Gosh, I’m so blind… but not anymore.

To lessen the burden of our earth and for my well-being, I bought a bamboo toothbrush and a natural dental floss. Both are biodegradable. Yay! Once done, I can compost them.

Bamboo Toothbrush With Horsehair
Bamboo toothbrush with horsehair (bristle). The horsehair is quite stiff and flexible, almost like the regular bristle.

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Cloth Pads – 3rd Take

Ladies, if you wear cloth pads and are a big fan of cloth pads come give me a shout-out at the comment box!

I’ve been testing 2 new cloth pads which I bought from Luna Wolf few months back. And now I’m ready to tell you what I think about these cloth pads. If you read my previous post about cloth pads you’ll know that I’m still looking for the perfect cloth pads. Will this be the one?

Please note this is not a sponsored post. Just a post to share my views on the cloth pads that I’ve tried.

Why did I choose Luna Wolf? Well, remember I complaint about side leakage? Luna Wolf’s cloth pads are wider compared to Domino Pads. Hence I thought I’ll give it a try. My New Moon Pads (my very first cloth pads) are even wider but are a little clumsy due to its constructions if I may say.

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