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I Love Cloth Pads!

I was first introduced to cloth pads by Jam during mid of last year.

My initial reactions were EEKKK & GROSS! Read the first comment on that post and you will know how I felt at that time. The thing is I don’t wash my underwear hehe… that’s why I feel URGGHH reading that post.

While Jam post has instill me the awareness of cloth pads, it was Dawn’s post on trying out cloth pads that prompted me to make ‘the’ move.

However it took me a year later to gather up the courage to embark on the cloth pads journey (because I still feel EEEK during that 1 year time hahaha).

My plan was to try out a couple of cloth pads and see how it goes. That was back in July this year. I ordered a bundle with 9 pieces in total ranging from light to heavy flow cloth pads from New Moon Pads. And I received it just in time for my monthly ‘best friend’. Thank you so much Renee.

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