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Chester Injured His Dewclaw

This afternoon I gave Chester a game of treasure hunt to play while I work in my room. Not long after, I went to check on him and I found plenty of blood on the TV room floor. Oh noooo…

I searched his hands and feet for injury and found that his right front dewclaw is trickling with blood. His dewclaw nail were nowhere to be found. Thankfully the blood did stop after awhile. He didn’t whine at all but keep refusing me when I want to check his wound.

This is a perfectly fine dewclaw.

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Chester’s Elbows Growth Removed

The night before Chester’s surgery for the growth removal at his left elbow (yesterday night), I asked my sis whether she was nervous about Chester. The moment she said N.O.P.E, I knew I think TOO much with plenty of rubbish thoughts. My nervousness subside little by little then. Yet I have a sleepless night. Haha

This morning I brought Chester to see his new vet at Bandar Puteri, Puchong. He barks at every human being he sees in the clinic waiting area but the moment we went in for consultation, he quiet down and let the doctor check on him. Oh yes no struggle, fear or nervous at all. WOW! The doctor confirmed his heart is okay (via hearing by stethoscope) and did a cytology using the microscope to see if the growth/tumor is malign or benign. Happy to hear that it’s benign. Still we are going to send the tumor for laboratory test (histopath).

Chester will be on Elizabethan collar for some time.

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Rock Ya Doggie

My dog loves his blanket and anak (teddy bear) very much. How do I know?

Well, he humps his blanket a lot. Hahaha (sort of saying I ya, blankie!)
And he brings me his blanket (which is so cute btw) and anak when he wants to play tug-of-war with them.

That’s how I tuck him to sleep ‘almost’ every night.
Especially on rainy nights.

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Chester’s Blood Report

I was so nervous on Monday. I keep looking at the clock.

Me thinking in my head… “Is it time to call the vet?”

Ah finally I ringed the doc and asked for a brief summary of my dog’s laboratory result. Later that evening I dropped by the clinic to hear the full test report.

Ahh what a relief! Everything’s good (kidney ok, liver ok, blood count ok) except that he’s low in calcium & potassium and the sodium level is a bit high. I suspect his kibbles is the one giving the high sodium problem. Now that I think back, Chester really love his current brand of kibbles (Natural Balance) as he never has problem eating them. As for other brands, after awhile he will find it boring and I will have to ‘sogok’ him by mixing his kibbles with milk/egg/veggies. Yes must be the high salt content in NB. CISSS!!! I do sometimes feed him some ‘human’ biscuits but I don’t think that’s the cause of high sodium level. And I also don’t think the culprit is the doggie biscuits as we rarely feed him that. So yes I’m going to change his dog food and get some vitamins for him later. Any good dog food brand to recommend?

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