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Chester’s Malassezia, Fungal & Hematoma Condition… 3 Weeks Later

I just realized 3 weeks had past since Chester’s last vet visit. Here’s an update on his medical condition… (for my own reference)

On his Malassezia (yeast condition) I have revert back to using Malaseb instead of Sebazole. I now know why my previous use of Malaseb shampoo on Chester did not show any improvement. I didn’t leave the shampoo on his body long enough. Kekeke (stupid me) This time I make sure I leave the shampoo on him for over 10 minutes. Guess what? The change is staggering!!!

3 weeks before:

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Chester’s Fungal Nodule… 3 Days Later

No doubt Chester’s fungal nodule is healing… 3 days later.

I can finally bring him to walk. Not because of the pain. Because this nodule is at the side of his leg, he doesn’t step on it when he walks. I didn’t bring him out for fear of open wound infection. Now that the wound has closed it’s walking time again!! I know he’s missing his walks.

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Hematoma??? Not Again!!!

I bath Mr. Chester on Friday and thought he reacted funnily (tilting one side of his head) at one time. At night I found a hematoma (swelling) on his old hematoma ear. SHIT SHIT SHIT. His ear is not infected with fungal/mites. It’s clean. So I’m not sure why he has hematoma again on that ear (maybe bath water was trapped in his ear but he didn’t really shake his head many times). It’s plus minus a couple of days from his 1 year old hematoma surgery anniversary. Aiyarr…

I brought him to the vet (new one) on Monday and the vet prescribed antibiotics for him. She said it’s small enough so surgery is not needed (phewww). But we will see how it’s going to be 10 days later.

The reddish part… that’s where the blood swells inside. That’s the hematoma.

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