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5th Gmarket Haul

You know what? I actually didn’t plan to make any purchases from Gmarket for the time being but my sister requested me to buy for her shoes. So here I am… with my 5th Gmarket haul. I didn’t buy a lot this time. Saving moolah actually for my next holiday. I have very valid reason to do this. Hehe

Shipping breakdown for my 5th Gmarket haul:
Ordered on 26th December.
Shipment dispatched from Gmarket warehouse on 30th December.
Received on 2nd January.
Total time: 7 days (fastest time amongst all my Gmarket purchases)

Gmarket Parcel
The box arrived damaged since there were plenty of empty spaces in the box (I only bought a few things ma). Oh well as long as my items are not broken. EMS Shipping cost for 9 items (3.82kg): ₩25,110 (About RM75.30). Tsk I didn’t ask my dog to pose there, he simply go and lie down there. So I included him in the picture. Hehe
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4th Gmarket Haul

Opps! I did it again. Weheeeeee!

It’s my 4th Gmarket haul yo people and I managed to drag my sis into it this time with mom in tow (still). Hahaha Bought 12 items, of these 2 were my mom’s and 1 from sis. Remember I won Gmarket Top Bloggers In May? So basically I pay only peanuts for my items. Wohoo.

Unfortunately Gmarket has since then suspended their Top Bloggers event until further notice due to revamped website. Their new website is now better and nicer.

Shipping breakdown for my 4th Gmarket haul:
Ordered on 22nd September.
Shipment dispatched from Gmarket warehouse on 27th September.
Received on 30th September.
Total time: 8 days

The parcel arrived with some damaged but like usual all the things were intact inside.
EMS Shipping cost for 12 items (2.84kg): ₩22,370 (About RM66.20)

Check out my purchases below:

1. Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream 75ml
Price: ₩19,000 (normal price is ₩38,000). About RM56.40.
Seller: 미즈온 직영샵 (Mizon)
Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream 25ml
Price: ₩9,900. About RM29.40.
Seller: 미즈온 직영샵 (Mizon)

Mizon All In One Snail Cream & Snail Repair Eye Cream
Bought Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream for ₩1,060 only during my very first Gmarket haul. It improves my skin so much so that I’m replenishing this cream again. I also bought Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream to try out and I gotta say the result is satisfying so far.
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Gmarket Top Bloggers In May

One fine day I was checking out the webpage of Gmarket top bloggers in May just to get an idea what others are buying… then WHAM BAM! I saw Jih**** from Malaysia. Hey isn’t that me??? Ohmygod! Ohmygod! I was selected as one of the winners for Gmarket Top Bloggers in May and I’m the only one from Malaysia. Kekeke

I didn’t expect to be selected again and so soon but it happened and I’m so happy. If you didn’t know, I’m one of Gmarket Top Bloggers in March too.

Gmarket Top Blogger for May
See my nickname above?
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3rd Gmarket Haul

Looks like my worst nightmare is coming true. I’m shopping at Gmarket at least once a month now. Eeekkks!

This 3rd purchase cannot be consider a haul as only four items were purchased but I’ll still title it that way as a continuation to my Gmarket posts. Of those four, three are mine and one is for my mom. Yes, I’m dragging my mom slowly into the bandwagon as well. Hahaha And yes it’s another impromptu purchase. Just happen I was browsing Gmarket (hehehe) and saw they were having fashion week sale. *squeals*

Here’s the breakdown of events for my 3rd Gmarket purchase:
Placed order on 9th June.
All items arrived at Gmarket warehouse on 14th June.
Shipment dispatched from Gmarket warehouse on 14th June.
Parcels left Korea on 14th June.
Received 17th June from Poslaju.
Total time: 8 days

Gmarket Parcel
Box weight: 0.88kg, no. of items: 4
EMS shipping cost: ₩13,770 (About RM37.95)
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2nd Gmarket Haul

In less than 3 months… there I go again. Gmarket!!!

I actually wanted to stop shopping at Gmarket because I think one day my self-control will break down. There are just too many things to buy. LOL Thankfully this time I managed to squeeze in only 10 items (had to forgo some items though… sobs sobs). What drove me to my 2nd Gmarket purchase? It’s because I was chosen as one of Gmarket’s Top Bloggers in March to which I won ₩50,000!!!

I placed 2 orders on the same day and UNFORTUNATELY I wasn’t able to combine both orders into 1 shipment. The system just won’t let me. I’m guessing it’s because I uses the cash balance of ₩50,000. Anyway I waited patiently for my 2 parcels to arrive and arrived they did! This time in a week time.

Here’s a breakdown of events (ordering to receiving) for my 2nd Gmarket order (2 parcels):
Placed order on 1st May.
All items arrived at Gmarket warehouse by 2nd and 5th May.
Shipment dispatched from Gmarket warehouse on 3rd and 6th May.
Parcels left Korea on 3rd and 6th May.
Received 7th and 8th May from Poslaju.
Total time: 7 days
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