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[HDR] One Afternoon At Twelve Apostles

Can’t believe I went to Twelve Apostles more than a year ago. 13th September 2010 was the day this photo was shot.

We drove to Twelve Apostles again after spending a night at Port Campbell. The morning was really breezy, cloudy and cold. We had wanted to rise early for the sunrise at Twelve Apostles but ahh… bed (yes always as excuse!).

What greeted us was a plain looking almost boring shades of Twelve Apostles at 12 afternoon.

Twelve Apostles
This is SOOC photo.
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Split Point Lighthouse in HDR

This is my first attempt at HDR photography. For those who doesn’t know what High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography means, it’s a technique of combining 2 or more different exposures levels of imaging to produce the dynamic range that our eyes sees. This is what I understand.

As Trey Ratcliff puts it

Sometimes when you are in a beautiful place or with special people and you take photos — have you ever noticed when you get back and show them to people you have to say, “Well, you really had to be there.” Even great photographers with amazing cameras can only very rarely grab the scene exactly as they saw it. Cameras, by their basic-machine-nature, are very good at capturing “images”, lines, shadows, shapes — but they are not good at capturing a scene the way the mind remembers and maps it.

Do check out Trey’s photography blog. It’s full of deliciousness! Some of his HDR photos just blew me away but some are kinda ‘overdoing’ it (as in cartoonish/surreal/OTT-over the top). Ohh and I do envy him as he has travel to so many awesome places just for the sake of taking HDR.

Here’s the original photo:
Splitpoint Lighthouse Original Photo

Here’s the HDR version:
Splitpoint Lighthouse in HDR

This is Split Point Lighthouse. Taken during one of the many stops along Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia in September 2010.

So what do you think?
I think it’s not over the top. You see the texture on the lighthouse which when I look at the normal photo isn’t visible. I thought this is just nice. But that’s just me. 🙂

Process with Photmatix Pro 3.2.

Oversea, Travel

Great Ocean Road Self-Drive Day 5: Thunder Cave, Broken Head & Twelve Apostles

After spending about 35 minutes at Lord Ard Gorge, we proceed to Living On The Edge walk/park. There are actually 3 walking themes here; Geology (location of Island Archway before it collapses on 10th June 2009 and the Razorback), The Wreck (where Loch Ard Gorge is located) and Living On The Edge.

Living On The Edge Walk @ The Great Ocean Road, Victoria
This is the signboard that we saw at the start of Living On The Edge walk. Ohh so Thunder Cave is like 550m away? Sap sap sui la (easy)

Living On The Edge Walk @ The Great Ocean Road, Victoria
Pathway… overlooking the vast ocean.

Living On The Edge Walk @ The Great Ocean Road, Victoria
Wooden seat for you to take a breather.
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Great Ocean Road Self-Drive Day 5: Loch Ard Gorge

After biding goodbye to the lovely Port Campbell town we drove to Port Campbell National Park.

Here are some of the awesome views along Great Ocean Road.

From The Side Mirror @ The Great Ocean Road, Victoria
I stopped the car in the middle of the road and took this picture. The road was practically ours!

Lovely @ The Great Ocean Road, Victoria
View like this doesn’t come often. That’s why the car was crawling like a snail… so that we can enjoy the magnificent views!

Awesome @ The Great Ocean Road, Victoria
Breathtaking baby!
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