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Nokia G21 – My 11th Handphone

Updated 15th November 2023.

Before officially retiring my Nokia 6 late last year, I quickly went on a search for my next handphone, my 11th that is. Curious to know what happened to the Nokia 6? This is what happened.

Frankly speaking, searching for my 11th handphone was a fairly easy task. I only had two brands in mind; Nokia and Samsung. That’s because I had good impressions of them, particularly Nokia (read my Nokia handphones stories). Then, it was to decide which model to buy. I narrowed it down to one model each from the two brands.

I managed to get a good discount on the Samsung phone model that I was eyeing during the 2022 Black Friday sale (25th Nov) but I hold off since I still have mixed feelings. When the 12.12 sale was approaching, I finally decided I want the Nokia instead because I don’t think I can go through another Samsung bloatware-mare (my Samsung trauma is still very fresh despite a few years had passed). Yes, technology has advanced so it probably shouldn’t be a problem. Still, I was hesitant.

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Thank You Very Much Nokia 6!

Updated 1st April 2024.

You know what? I dropped my Nokia 6 phone on the first day I bought it. From then on, I will drop the phone accidentally (not purposely la) from time to time. There are times when I would drop the phones several times a day or drop it continuously for a few days. This is me being klutzy at its best. Thanks to its well-built aluminium body and strong willpower, it soldier on.

Well, that was until one fine day, the charging port became loose. I thought oh ohhh not again like my retired Samsung S3 issue? But you know what (again)? After many a drop, the charging port miraculously became okay back. 🀣

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Chitty Chatty

Embracing Alarm Clock Again

Long long ago, I ditched my bed alarm clock for the handphone’s alarm clock. I’m sure you all know how convenient it is using the handphone to surf the internet, play games, listen to music, chatting, messaging, read e-books, etc all from the comfort of your bed. I spent so much time on the handphone that I began sleeping later and later in the night. When I sleep, my handphone would be beside my head or on the floor below my head while the network blast on. For years this was how I spent my bedtime.

After learning more and more about electromagnetic radiation although I’ve heard about it many times before and how we human is an electric being, I seriously start putting the handphone on aeroplane mode when I sleep. I couldn’t power off the handphone because the alarm on my current Nokia 6 wouldn’t work if I switch off the handphone.

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Nokia 6 – My 10th Handphone

After retiring my Samsung S3, I went on a handphone witch-hunt. Among the brands that I considered were Huawei, Motorola and Sony but eventually I choose my first love… NOKIA! Since the model that I’m interested in had not been released yet, so I waited and waited and waited. I used my mom’s phone for a couple of months. Hehe, I’m very patience hor?

Nokia 6

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My Retired Samsung S3

This is absolutely yet another LATE POST. Just for my reference and/or to help those that are facing these issues.

My Samsung S3 (9th handphone) started having some issues around 1.5 to 2 years ago (perhaps circa mid year of 2016). Actually few months after I blogged about this handphone, it started lagging noticeably, but I hold on to it. I gotta make my money worth!

Ok, so the issues I had with my Samsung S3:
1. Battery draining very fast. I suspected this was due to an app that I downloaded. It was so bad that I had to reset the phone to factory setting few times. Battery life improved a bit but I still need to charge the phone almost twice daily. I even bought a new battery, but no help there.

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