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The Return Of Hannibal Lecter’s Dog – Take Two

About a year ago, I found out the real identity of my dog. The cutie golden retriever, Chester isn’t who he’s suppose to be. Of course he’s a dog. But he’s not an ordinary pet dog. He is… ARE YOU READY? Hannibal Lecter’s dog!

His name is Kannibal Checter!!! (you can read more about it by clicking his name link)

Just few weeks back, he turned into this ugly-ferocious-scary-nightmare dog again. GULPS!

Normal pet dog.

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Hannibal Lecter’s Dog

Do you know the movie Silence Of The Lambs? If you do then you must know who Hannibal Lecter is. Oh yeah I remembered him. He’s the cannibalistic psycho killer that sent chills to my bones once! I vowed not to watch another horror film ever again after that.

Anyway I just found out that Hannibal Lecter has a dog. And you know what the scariest part is? His dog has been living in my house all along! Under one roof! Pretending to be a cutie pie when in fact he’s like his original master, Dr Hannibal Lecter; terrorizing my home with teared newspaper/toilet paper/plastic, leaving confusing scent near my car tyres and fed on cannibal diet: our furniture!!!

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

This is Hannibal Lecter on his sane days.

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