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London Day 15 & 16: Tower Of London, Tower Bridge, Les Misérables & Goodbye

3 months later, I’ve finally complete my 2012 European travelogue. This is the last installment. Wohooo!

Here goes…

This is one of the morning where we went out for breakfast. Seriously if you want to save $$ for food due to high Pound and Euro, buy those sandwiches or bread or salad from grocery shop rather than eating out which will cost 2x to 3x higher. We had breakfast at The Breakfast Club, a place which the peeps at our hostel recommended. It was good.

Then we took tube to Tower Hill. We’re going to visit Tower of London, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was once a castle and also a prison.

Queuing for Tower of London ticket which took quite awhile. Weather is really warm.
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London Day 1: Flying With MAS, Heathrow Connect & Piccadilly Circus

First let me tell you the prologue story to my Europe trip (a very loooooong one). A haunting story that I wish I will never be put in a similar situation ever again. It kills off the vacation mood and put you in a tense and pressure situation. WTH!!!

Beware travelogue itself is cheong hei as usual. You can just skip the writing and look at the photos.

London has always been in my top to-visit-city list from a very young age. Thanks to AirAsia X I was finally able to fulfilled my dream vacation. AND also no thanks to AirAsia X for suspending the London route January this year and put me on a whirlwind headache (Paris, Delhi and Bombay routes were suspended as well). Yup I was one of the many ‘suffering’ victims of the suspended routes. We were given 3 choices by AirAsia X; 1. to cancel reservation and opt for full refund/credit shell; 2. re-route to any other AirAsia X destination without any additional cost; 3. transfer to an alternative airline (MAS) subject to availability without any additional cost.
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