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2012 Chester’s Blood Report

Last year my dog didn’t have his blood tested *opps*. It’s better to do it annually once your dog is a senior. I left him at the vet to allow him to settle down a bit before the ”’poking”’ procedure. However the vet only managed to shave some of his paw fur. My dog was too nervous and struggling like crazy! Kekeke

This year, I did the same thing. I left him at the vet again and I didn’t think the vet will have any success at all. But hey hey, they managed to retrieve his blood this time. Vet told me that when she brought out the needle, Chester was trying to get off the table and they got him to turn his head so that he didn’t see the needle. Haha *just like human

A small ‘botak’ (bald) spot at his right paw.

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1 Big Happy Family, Chester

See-Saw Mood

First post of 2012. Howdy! 🙂

The past 9 days, well my life has been a see-saw. Ups and downs; been sick, been wonderfully happy, been fighting, been victorious, been doing lots of research, been ipad-ed and at the moment am pretty lazy. Haha

Chinese New Year is less than 2 weeks. Wohoo. Now that’s something to look forward to… cookies I can’t wait to MUNCH YA!

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Self Healed Aural Hematoma… Errr

Remember my dog’s aural hematoma? The latest one (though many months back)? Left ear? The one that I refused to have him under the knife due to suspected heart condition?

After 8 looong months, the hematoma has subside. Proven fact that dog’s aural hematoma can heal on its own but for my dog case it isn’t 100% healed yet. Coz if he flaps a little more than usual, a small amount of liquid will be noticeable.

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Chester’s Blood Report

I was so nervous on Monday. I keep looking at the clock.

Me thinking in my head… “Is it time to call the vet?”

Ah finally I ringed the doc and asked for a brief summary of my dog’s laboratory result. Later that evening I dropped by the clinic to hear the full test report.

Ahh what a relief! Everything’s good (kidney ok, liver ok, blood count ok) except that he’s low in calcium & potassium and the sodium level is a bit high. I suspect his kibbles is the one giving the high sodium problem. Now that I think back, Chester really love his current brand of kibbles (Natural Balance) as he never has problem eating them. As for other brands, after awhile he will find it boring and I will have to ‘sogok’ him by mixing his kibbles with milk/egg/veggies. Yes must be the high salt content in NB. CISSS!!! I do sometimes feed him some ‘human’ biscuits but I don’t think that’s the cause of high sodium level. And I also don’t think the culprit is the doggie biscuits as we rarely feed him that. So yes I’m going to change his dog food and get some vitamins for him later. Any good dog food brand to recommend?

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Of Hematoma & Elizabethan Collar

5 days after the first fluid draining, Chester’s hematoma is back and this time larger than before. *sam tung* We brought him to the vet on Thursday for his second draining. But aiyo he struggled and won’t let the vet do it. Was told that he has irregular heart beat and during his struggling/panting we noticed that Chester’s tongue is bluish purple. Not a good sign.

4 days after first draining.

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