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Jeonju + Seoul Day 8: Stay In GAM, Hongdae & Ewha Womans University

Today morning on day 8 we will be travelling by train to Seoul. Seoul will be our last destination before we fly back to Malaysia. Mr Lee who is our friendly Buykyungdang Hanok Guesthouse host has booked a taxi for us the previous day. The taxi arrived on time and soon we find ourself at Jeonju Station waiting for our train. Gotta say the taxi took a long detour as this time the ride cost us 6,400 won. Previously when we went to Jeonju Station to buy our train tickets, the taxi ride only cost us 5,400 won & 6,000 won. Anyway, we choose to go to Seoul by train because we’ve tried buses before and because we wanted to experience the KTX.

KTX train from Jeonju to Yongsan Station, Seoul arrived at Jeonju Station on time at 8.49am.

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