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구르미 그린 달빛 Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (Korean Drama)

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is a coming of age fusion sageuk drama serving cute romance as its main dish, friendship and growing-up as the close banchan (sides) and political issues as the garnishes. Its success is a MAJOR MAJOR surprise to everyone! Who would have thought this historical drama helm by 5 main casts under the age of 25 can beat out its competitor (I’m sure you know who). Certainly not me.

Tsk: Moonlight Drawn By Clouds concluded a week plus ago and since then I’ve been having a tough withdrawal. Didn’t know I will be feeling this way. To calm my soul, I’ve been following their news from fan sign event to wrap party to their Cebu vacation and now reading their post-drama interviews. I know I need to finish this review to give it a good closure. Certainly my love for this drama will go on forever! (or until another good one replaces it)

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동이 Dong Yi (Korean Drama)

Here I am having completed another long running Korean drama ‘project’ which goes by the name Dong Yi over a week ago. After 62 episodes of My Love, My Family I thought I would be able to swear off long running dramas for awhile BUT Dong Yi is just kinda hard to resist. First of all it has my favorite, the talented Jin Jin Hee as the king. Secondly, Dong Yi is based on a true story which make it altogether hard to resist. Just reading the brief history of King Sukjong, King Yeongjo, Consort Suk and Jan Hui Bin you would know what I mean.

I actually ‘ignored’ this drama when it came out in 2010. But after watching He Who Can’t Marry (with the irresistible JJH) and at the same time being swayed by my grandma’s words who is watching Dong Yi (in Astro), it’s either 60 episodes of Dong Yi or nothing at all. It took me a month to finished Dong Yi which was exactly my aim (1st Nov-4th Dec; yup I timed it!). Yee haa!

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