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Moorim, Splash Splash Love & One Sunny Day

Let’s talk Korean drama. I started 2016 with Moorim School and The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 (continuation from last year). Then Descendants Of The Sun came (I’ll blog about it when the show is/near over) and shook the earth with its popularity like no other Korean dramas has done before in this modern digital era where high ratings are almost impossible to achieve. Along the way I sneaked in two very short dramas. Here are my views on them:

Moorim School
Moorim School: Saga of the Brave 무림학교

Moorim is a school that teaches you about humanity and also fighting skills (they looked like a bunch of gangster when they fight hahaha). Well, that’s what I deduced after completing this drama. Yup, I completed it… with willing heart. 🙂 Lots of people complained about Moorim; storyline and the actors. Honestly, I find the story to be quite compelling. I learned some life lessons from this drama. As for the actors, they were mostly green and acting flaws were aplenty. I wasn’t really put-off by it. Take that as a learning curve my dear Moorim School’s casts. However, Lee Hyun Woo as a sunbae, your acting were quite lackluster. Please do better in your next drama.
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2015 Korean Dramas: Best, Not Bad & Yucky

Oh Yes!!! My Korean drama addiction is still going strong. I’m more selective/fussy this year when choosing what I want to watch. In total, I watched 12 Korean dramas and another 6 which I ditched because I couldn’t stand them.

The B.E.S.T
There are 3 K. dramas which I considered the BEST in my 2015 drama watch. Two were aired this year and one was aired last year. All this 3 dramas have something in common. They are underrated dramas.

1. 힐러 Healer

Ji Chang Wook as Healer
Healer… ohh let him charm you! (with Eternal Love by MLTR playing in the background)
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어셈블리 Assembly (Korean Drama)


Assembly is a Korean drama in politic genre… REALLY REALLY not my cup of tea. BUT I thought I’ll give it a go since I have some time to spare. I can take this opportunity to get to know the political system in South Korea (although this drama is pure fiction, you still can get a taste of it). Besides, we have the irresistible Taecyeon… ahem ahem.

Assembly ended in late September 2015 but I was too busy to blog about it then. I can just not blog about it at all but I choose the opposite. Know why? Because this drama is a GEM! I want more people to watch it and enjoy it.

I didn’t know who Jung Jae Young or Song Yoon A were initially. As I delved deeper into the episodes, I find them very good actor and actress. They are what made Assembly so enjoyable. I love their assemblyman-aide interactions. I’m also forever fans of them now.
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Unkind Women, School 2015: Who Are You & Producer

Here are the three Korean dramas which I watched and liked. They were broadcasted from March to June this year.

Unkind Women
Unkind Women 착하지 않은 여자들

Unkind Women is about the ups and downs of 3 generations of women in a family; a grandmother, her two daughters and granddaughter.

I was excited at first about Song Jae Rim starring in this drama. His character pairing with Lee Ha Na were stimulating at first but once they are together, the chemistry quickly fizzles off. In the end, the ones who won my heart were Kang Soon Ok (the grandmother played by Kim Hye Ja) and Jang Mo Ran (the husband’s mistress played by Jang Mi Hee). Ohmygod what can I say? These two ladies are just so CUTE together. Those unkind words lashes out at each other and the dry humor they share… so wonderful & entertaining. I love ya you two. You hear me? Go on and watch this drama if not just for the sake of these two ahjummas.
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Misaeng, Marriage Not Dating & Nine (Kdramas)

Here are three Korean dramas which I watched in the span of a month. Yes a month! Suprisingly all are tvN dramas.

Misaeng 미생

Heard raved review about Misaeng when it was airing so I decided to marathon this drama during CNY. This 20 episodes drama starred my favorite Im Si Wan and Lee Sung Min. Also in the line-up are Kang So Ra, Kang Ha Neul, Byun Yo Han and Kim Dae-Myung.
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