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Day 7: Last Day @ KK

This is my final KK Travelogue post. Quite a boring one.

28th March 2007 Wednesday (Day 7) Last Day

The last day of our KK trip was the worst of all plainly because our entire body aches like hell especially our legs (what else?)! Toilet visiting is a pain in the ass. The moment we’re into the action of sitting or squatting down, we would be screaming for help. It is the same story for walking and climbing stairs.

Hehe so if anyone of you are planning a trip to climb Mount Kinabalu, make sure you enjoy other activities first before making the climb. Believe me, you won’t ‘larat’ go anywhere after coming down.

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Day 4: More Shopping @ Kota Kinabalu + Hello Kundasang

25th March 2007 Sunday (Day 4)
What does a tourist do on a Sunday morning in KK? Shopping! We walked to Gaya Street known for its famed Sunday Market. Breakfast? What breakfast? Hehehe

The Sunday Market look exactly like our ‘pasar malam’ or any other makeshift morning market found in Peninsular Malaysia except this market stretch along the whole of Gaya Street which is VERY VERY long. The area around Gaya Street is also known as Chinatown. Rows of antique grocery shops, Chinese restaurants and offices grace both sides of the morning market.

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Day 1 & 2: Snorkel + Rain + Hell @ Kota Kinabalu

22nd March 2007 Thursday (Day 1)
The journey from LCCT to Kota Kinabalu took about 2 hours and 30 minutes. We touched down at Terminal 2 about 3 minutes before midnight. *yawn* Because we booked the KK mountain climb and hostels stay with a local KK tour operator, they provide transport to pick us from the airport. Yipeeee!

Our accommodation for the night and the next 2 nights was at Step-in Lodge, a budget hostel that cost RM35 per pax a night (air-conditioned).

Step-in Lodge is strategically located near the famous Filipino market @ handicraft market, night market, restaurants and shopping malls. I like this lodge because it makes me feel at home. Besides that, the place is clean and the staffs are ever helpful.

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6 Days & 6 Nights Backpacking at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Preface: This is my chronicle of a group of 4 individual embarking on the perilous Mount Kinabalu climb plus other never-try-before activities in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia.

Let me first introduce you to the 4 exceptional and ahem brave human beings. They are Dreamcatcher, Jidane, my sister (the little monkey) and of course myself.

Although the trip cover nearly a week but in actual I feel it’s too short. There are many more interesting places that we missed out due to time constraint. We decided to climb Mount Kinabalu last, after we have enjoy other activities in KK because we knew our body will certainly ache like mad.

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