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Chinese Opera @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang

I visited the famous Kuan Yin Temple in Klang on Wesak Day 3 months ago. Guess what? Last Saturday, I visit Kuan Yin Teng again but this time it was night time. As Kuan Yin’s birthday is on Sunday, we decided to go have a ‘look-look’ the night before because we saw quite a handful of people there plus a large tent has been erected for (I guess) opera!

I’ve been to this Kuan Yin Temple to watch Chinese Opera when I was small. But then I really can’t remember anything at all. So when we arrived there and saw that a Chinese Opera show were about to start, I was damn excited. It’s been my dream to watch Chinese Opera in Malaysia. I’ve seen them in Beijing but it’s a different feeling when you can watch it from your own backyard.

Without further ado, let me show you some of the shots I took.

At night in the temple compound.

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Local, Photography, Travel

Kuan Yin Temple, Klang

I visited Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple), Klang on Wesak Day this year. I was so glad that I have my trusty D80 with me.

Kuan Yin Teng (fondly called by the Hokkiens in Klang) is over 100 years old. Its original temple is still under reconstruction. Words has it that the building was in dire condition due to termites. This temple was nearly demolished (thanks politicians) but saved by the Sultan of Selangor.

What you’ll see in the pictures below are from the new temple situated just beside the old one built not too long ago. Click for larger pictures (only if you have Flickr a/c)

I was a little shy to snap with my kick-a$$ camera at first. But as soon as I start clicking, I feel like I’m invincible (hide behind the camera ma!). And because I see no one is paying attention to me.

Stacks of incense, candles & paper money in bundles. Absolutely gorgeous view.

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