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Day 6: Descending Mount Kinabalu

Here’s the continuation post from my KK Travelogue. Enjoy!

27th March 2007 Tuesday (Day 6) Part II

These are some of the famous peaks that I managed to identify. They’re all so majestic.

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Day 5: Climbing Mount Kinabalu (Part II)

Beware: Long post!

26th March 2007 Monday (Day 5) Part II

Finally, we passed the 4km mark at 3hours 45mins after departing from Timpohon Gate.

Timpohon Gate to 4km: 8.38am-12.23pm (2745m a.s.l).

From here onward, the trail are much more steeper and thus it took VERY long time to climb. So long that we reached the 5km mark after 1hour 20mins or 5hours 5mins from Timpohon Gate.

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