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Of McNonald, Sushi Mental & More!

Nearly 5 years later, my mom still pronounce McNonald sometime. Know what? There’s more. Keep on reading.

In a car, we saw a long queue at a sushi restaurant. Then BAM, mom said “Sushi Mental nice meh?” Wuahahaha

We were talking about our holiday memory at Lantau Island, Hong Kong when BAM, mom said Lanc!au Island! (have to sensor it abit) Hahahaha

Mom said she was going to Parkson, so I reminded her about getting a new lid for her Pyrex, when BAM, mom said she’s not getting Pirate yet. 🀣

In a car again, I reminded mom of her mispronunciation and we all laugh together. Then I asked mom “How do you pronounce that fast food name beginning with M?”. She said in a wary tone “Mc.D.O.N.A.L.D”. My mom is so cute, right? πŸ’—


My First Laptop: Dell Studio 14

I may be the last person on earth to own a laptop (sound so ulu) but I don’t care. I still want to blog about it. Haha I’m still a pc person at heart you know?

I wanted a HP laptop for the longest time but I don’t want to spend unnecessary amount of $$ for stuff that I can get cheaper elsewhere and for this case I can get higher and better specification too (except the Nvidia part). So that’s why I choose to get Dell as my first laptop. Though a bit reluctant at first to order online since this is biggie $$ stuff but that’s the only way to get a customize Dell. So no choice.

I placed my order on 12th December last year. And every day since then I check for the ETD date at the Dell website. First they mentioned the delivery date is 5th January (WTF??) and then it was changed to 1st January. I was like HUH?? HUH?? Do they need that long to build a laptop? Then on 23rd December I received a SMS informing me the laptop will be delivered the next day. True enough I got my laptop on 24th December. Still it took 12 days. Haii. It was delivered from China. But I still want to haiii…

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Chitty Chatty


I’m taking a semi-hiatus leave from the blog world.

What it means is I’m still active in blog-hopping activities but this will be my last post… deng deng deng… FOR 2009 (did I fool ya a bit?) unless I get my new computer before year end.

My pc went kaput a week ago (right after PC fair… DOH!). I’m currently loaning someone’s else laptop which means writing post and processing pictures are a tad difficult for me. I have so many things to share but I guess I will leave it for now.

I ordered a DELL laptop last weekend (not sure about the delivery period since this is year end, everything is peak). This will be my first ever laptop. I guess this is the right time changing to ‘mobile’ pc (like what I did after the end of my beloved Lumix P&S camerabought a DSLR hahaha).

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