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Lee Min Ho ‘My Everything’ Global Tour in Malaysia 2013

Lee Min Ho ‘My Everything’ Global Tour in Malaysia 2013

Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC) Fashion Mall
15th Floor Event Hall
29th June 2013, Saturday 7.00pm
Area: B Zone (R), Row B4, Seat 110

Honestly when I found out Lee Min Ho’s concert cum fan-meeting is going to be at KWC Fashion Mall, I was a bit disappointed. I’ve no idea where it is nor have I heard of that place before and err… it sounded cheap?

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달려라 고등어 Mackerel Run (Korean Drama)

Mackerel Run was broadcasted in 2007 and it starred the then 20 years old Lee Min Ho as a high school student. It was only the year before that Lee Min Ho and his bestie childhood and fellow actor Jung Il Woo got involved in a serious car accident (Aug 2006). This is my last K.drama for 2012, you hear me? (hahaha) I don’t plan to watch anymore K.dramas except the one that are currently showing at KBSWorld (Jeon Woo Chi and the soon-coming School 2013).

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Faith Drama Parody

It has been quite sometime since Faith ended its run in South Korea (about 3 weeks plus from this post’s date) and believe me, I’m still suffering from Faith withdrawal. For me, no other dramas has struck me so deep emotionally as Faith did to me. Faith will always have a special place in my heart. 🙂

I hope by sharing this cute Faith drama parody, fans will have a good time reminiscing some of those sweet moments in this beautiful drama. Remember to smile and laugh. Last but not least I want to thank my dog, Chester for his superb acting cum modelling skills. Without him this Faith drama parody would not even exist.


1. Lean On Me

This is Choi Young leaning on Eun Soo’s shoulder. He was hesitant at first but eventually lean on her. Finally Choi Young is able to sleep (except he’s not sleeping yet) and Eun Soo get to check his pulse and temperature (episode 7).

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신의 Faith (Korean Drama)

Faith (@ The Great Doctor) is my greatest Korean drama addiction to date. It’s now my no. 1 favorite Korean drama of all time! I’m still not sure how I’ll live without Faith… been dreaming about daejang a couple of times. LOL

Tsk: As far as I know a lot of Faithlings out there are having a tough withdrawal from Faith. I’m having a hard time as well! No other dramas has made me feel this way before. This is the first! What Faith has managed to do is touched our heart and soul, teaching us about faith and love.

Note: If you’re hoping for a Faith novel in English version, do come sign the petition: Here

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Faith Goodies

I’ve been talking non-stop about Faith in my Twitter account lately… does anyone noticed that? Haha.

Nope I don’t mean Faith as in having faith with God, person, etc.

I mean Faith (aka Great Doctor) as in my current favorite Korean drama which is turning my days upside down. I’ll probably be like that until 30th October when the drama end its run in South Korea. Will write a review about Faith real soon but in the mean time I would like to share some Faith goodies to all Faith-lings out there.

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