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Hong Kong Day 2: Star Ferry, Man Mo Temple & Gage Street Market

Do check out Hong Kong Day 1: Airport Express, Thematic Lantern Exhibition & Heritage 1881 before reading my day 2 adventure.

On day 2, the fog continue to smoother Victoria Harbour. I have expected it. This is the kind of ‘weather’ you get during January/February in Hong Kong. At 10am, we walked to Star Ferry pier, Tsim Sha Tsui which is just few minutes from YMCA.

Boarding Star Ferry.
This is my first time on board the famous Star Ferry.

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Macau Day 6 & 7: Ruins of St. Paul’s Church, Pastelaria, Portuguese Food, The Venetian & Goodbye!

Hong Kong fun trip: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5.

Note: Post is overload with photos.

We had our last yummy Hong Kong breakfast at Caritas Bianchi Lodge before proceeding to Kong Chung Ferry Terminal, Kowloon. We arrived at the terminal 8.30am but aiyo we can only get hold of 10.30am seats. That also is deluxe class ticket priced at HK$212 pax. All the early economy tickets (HK$137) had been sold out.

Paying for deluxe class ticket means we’re sited on the upper deck, get free newspaper and brunch!

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