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Day 6: Descending Mount Kinabalu

Here’s the continuation post from my KK Travelogue. Enjoy!

27th March 2007 Tuesday (Day 6) Part II

These are some of the famous peaks that I managed to identify. They’re all so majestic.

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Day 6: Climbing Mount Kinabalu Low’s Peak

Beware: Long post!

27th March 2007 Tuesday (Day 6) Part I

Weee! This is it baby! Low’s Peak here we come!

We woke up at 1.30am. Hahaha crazy eh? It was very cold. I just simply gargle my mouth because the chilly water was stinging my mouth. I couldn’t squat or sit properly too because what else? LEGS PAIN!

I wore the same clothing as when I went to sleep the night before: 4 layers of tops (3+1 additional more), 2 layers of pants and 3 layers of socks. We had instant noodle and chocolate for brekkie. Gotta boil our own water.

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