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My First Manchester United Jersey :)

When Manchester United won their 19th English League title two years ago, I had planned to get a jersey with the Champions 19 printed on it. But then after looking at the price, I balked out. This season with United winning their 20th English League title, I had the same plan as well and again in a sitting on the fence situation. Is the RM250++ shirt worth it?

In the midst of contemplating, I saw my Ferrari and Michael Schumacher tees which I bought at Sepang Circuit many years ago. That was the time when Ferrari and Schumacher reigned in F1. They were untouchable. Ahh fond F1 memories. I’m glad I bought those tees and I’m sure in years to come they will become even more precious to me.

With that I decided to get myself a Manchester United jersey. Moreover this one will be so much more memorable. It’s Sir Alex last win as manager of Manchester United!

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Sir Alex Ferguson Retires!

Sir Alex Ferguson Retires… reads the email title on 8th May 2013.

The news came a little shocking to me. I thought he would go for another year. There goes my dream of seeing him in Old Trafford as manager. Sigh. At least I’ve seen him in Malaysia during Manchester United Asia Tour 2009. A little yeah!

What can I say about this great man?

He is the man who made what Manchester United is today. Period

I bow to you Sir Alex Ferguson!

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Manchester United Asia Tour 2009: Malaysia XI vs Manchester United Match Day @ Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 18th July 2009

Be forewarn: Expect even lesser today.

Today is match day. The day Manchester United ‘really’ kicked off their pre-season Asia tour. And you know what? OHMYGOD! I was stucked in the jam for like 3 hours plus. Arrived at the Bukit Jalil Stadium nearly 6pm! 1/2 hour late. I blamed the police. There were plenty of empty parking spaces and yet they shooed many of us away. Grrrr…

So I ended up like yesterday. Standing at the gate entrance. Sad eh. RM98 ticket and you get to stand at the entrance only. Wuahahaha If only I knew, I will get the RM58 ticket. DUH!!!!

Here are some of the photos I took.
NOTE: Shadows on the photos might be caused by people’s head & shoulders and also vignetting. I’m no pro. Kekeke

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