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CoCoNuT Bed!

I slept on my sister’s bed for 4 hard days and my back pain was cured. My poor sister has to sleep on my bed for 4 ‘miserable’ nights. Thank you for your sacrifice sis. I admit I was a fool for not realizing that my mattress is as battered as a soldier’s body. And I’m glad I discovered the truth now.

Perhaps having to go through the whole back pain scenario has its positive run. You see, I’ve had some nagging back pain (minor one) every time I sweep, mop, wash… activities that need me to bend my back. But ever since I sleep on my sister’s bed, those minor pains have gone as well… nowhere to be seen. Zlich! Okay I sounded old. Argggh!

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Mattress Question

Seeing that my back pain has not heal completely – a little bit of nagging pain from time to time and seeing that my mattress is in a hopeless condition – crater sighting in the middle part of mattress 😛 I guess it’s time to buy a new one. This would be my first mattress purchase. All my mattress had been ‘sponsored’ by my parents.

So here’s the question: What kind/brand of mattress are you using/would you recommend me?

Anyone try Ikea’s mattress before?