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Melaka 2014

Been wanting to revisit Melaka for quite some time now. Finally I get to give Melaka a go on 29th September. We (as in my family and I) choose a Monday to beat the crowd and tourist. Whilst my growing up years to Melaka were more about the attractions, the trip this time is all about the glorious food of Melaka.

In total we visited 8 eateries in the time span of 8 hours and had cendol at 3 different shops (we didn’t plan for this) while my dog is vacationing away at a home in PJ. Haha

First thing we did upon reaching Melaka is to have breakfast at 486 Baba Low near to Jalan Tengkera. Not in picture is the glorious cendol. Do click the link to read more about 486 Baba Low. In fact, whenever you see a link, click it to read more about the eatery because I blogged more details about them in my food blog.

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Finally…My 2005 Melaka Photos

Read my 2005 Melaka rendezvous here.

The portrait (far away) is Tan Kim Hock. We saw him when we were in his shop. You can get stuffs like dodols, tins of garlic sweet, chili sauces, ikan bilis sambal, prawn/fish crackers, biscuits, candies, nuts, cencaluk and many more. Among the best we have tasted was the ‘tocang biscuit’. My mom bought 1 packet of ‘tocang bicscuit’ from Tan Kim Hock and the other packet made from Johor. The best one was from Johor. Very crunchy and fresh.

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