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London Day 15 & 16: Tower Of London, Tower Bridge, Les Misérables & Goodbye

3 months later, I’ve finally complete my 2012 European travelogue. This is the last installment. Wohooo!

Here goes…

This is one of the morning where we went out for breakfast. Seriously if you want to save $$ for food due to high Pound and Euro, buy those sandwiches or bread or salad from grocery shop rather than eating out which will cost 2x to 3x higher. We had breakfast at The Breakfast Club, a place which the peeps at our hostel recommended. It was good.

Then we took tube to Tower Hill. We’re going to visit Tower of London, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was once a castle and also a prison.

Queuing for Tower of London ticket which took quite awhile. Weather is really warm.

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Oversea, Travel

London Day 2: Covent Garden, British Museum, British Library & Phantom Of The Opera Musical

Continuation from London Day 1: Flying With MAS, Heathrow Connect & Piccadilly Circus

Day 2 is the day we get to experience the unpredictable British weather. Repeated heavy and light rain, windy and sunny weather all in the space of 5 hours.

We started the day with leftovers sandwich and bun from MAS. And then I did the silliest thing ever. I locked our bags in the locker with the keys inside!!! Thank God the YHA has a large bolt cutter if not I really dunno what to do. What a super embarrassing moment for me! Haha

At 9.40am we headed out. Spotted fruit vendors at Berwick Street and so I bought 1/2 pounds cherries for only £1. It started to drizzle then.

We reached TKTS at Leicester Square about 10.30am and was expecting long queues but thankfully there were not many people. We took a bad turning (my bad for the navigation hence the nearly 1 hour walking journey! Haha). TKTS is the place to purchase theatre tickets at half and discount price for performance on the day and up to a week in advance.

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