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My New DSLR Camera!

Yo! yo! Yo! I’ve jumped into the DSLR camera bandwagon. Been calling myself a Nikonian for the past 2 days.

Why I buy a DSLR camera instead of a PnS camera:
1. Judging that I have to fork out more than RM1k to buy a decent PnS Lumix. I don’t know why but I like PnS Lumix very much.
2. I’ll be getting the same function & some little bit more in a new PnS camera. Not stimulating lo.
3. Camera weight is no longer an issue.
4. My heart kept urging me to buy DSLR.

Why Nikon and not Canon or other brands? Somehow I dislike Canon. When choosing a gadget like camera, handphone or computer, I first choose the brand that I like and then narrow it down to the model I like.

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