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How I Remove Plaque From My Dog’s Teeth

Besides brushing my dog’s teeth regularly, I also make sure his teeth is free from plaque.

Chester has his teeth scaled once (during his first aural hematoma surgery). Yup the vet did both scaling and hematoma surgery at one go. She told me he was gritting his teeth during scaling (in semi-conscious state). Though the result is a pretty clean teeth (still a bit yellowish) I don’t think it’s worth the effort to have him go through such an episode again. If you read Chester’s first aural hematoma surgery post you’ll get the drill.

Few years back, I found a way to remove plaque from my dog’s teeth using a simple tool found in almost every home.

Are you ready to see what it is?

It’s a stainless steel nail file (use for manicure/pedicure).

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