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My 2010

If 2009 went past like a super sonic jet, then 2010 is beyond that. I felt like I’ve just started my 2010 and yet… hey look… IT’S DECEMBER already! Knock knock where is my January, February, March… ?

I sat and ponder. I now realized why the days, months went by so fast. It’s because I’m NOT living my life! Come on Amy! Where is the cheery you? Where is the sunny you?

Ok, enough for all that.

My best day in 2010 was 2 days ago. My mom was cleaning my room and she found my long lost earring! Wohooo ๐Ÿ™‚ All these while I was wearing 1 earring only. Kekeke Nothing remarkable just that I’m a klutz and I always lose my earring but I always find it after that but not this last time. So it was the highlight of my 2010. Haha

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1 Big Happy Family

My 2009

Wow only 21 days left of 2009. This must be the ‘fastest’ year for me. Everything went by like a super sonic jet… without pause. There’s so much I want to do but end up doing none and half-heartedly. Perhaps what I need is more ME time and prioritization. Yes that’s it!

I’m still at the path I took mid of 2008 but in term of emotions I failed myself. I’m becoming a fearful person. That’s not what I want to be in 2010. That’s not what I want to be tomorrow. And the negativity emanate from my surrounding is not helping either. 2009 is also a healing year… still not getting any stronger. Jia you!

I’m pondering 2009 today because I know I don’t have to wait 2010 to start anew.

Everyday is a new day. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you all have had a terrific 2009.


p/s: there’s no such thing as new year resolution!

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Not A Bad 2008

2007… was for me the worst year of my life. A dark year. It continued through the first quarter of 2008.

Then I made a vital move. A move that would and thankfully had… took me out of that suffering path. I paved a new path. A path that fits me ‘quite’ perfectly well. A path that is my dream. A path that I’d always dream of and doesn’t dare to go into. I hadn’t had support then. But I have now. I’m thriving. I’m quite happy now. I’m rejuvenating.

It’s not impossible to live dreams.

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Goodbye 2007! Hello 2008!

I feel like just yesterday the calendar is still showing 2006. Today at midnight weโ€™re turning the calendar to 2008. Where has 2007 gone? I feel the older I get the faster time flies. Do you feel the same way?

2007 has been average to me. A new beginning is on the horizon. Take it or leave it. Iโ€™m not going to make any New Year resolutions but I have set a couple of goals that I intend to achieve in 2008.

All the best to all of you in the coming TWO ZERO ZERO EIGHT!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ๐ŸŽŠ *throws confettis*

Chitty Chatty

2006 Round-Up & Happy New Year

Today is 29th December 2006. Thereโ€™re 2 more days to go before we say our bye-bye to 2006. Time flies in just a few blinks. I feel the years are getting by faster and faster.

Can you feel it? Whatโ€™s your take? Is it because we’re too busy with our hectic life that we don’t slow down to enjoy it anymore? I wish we don’t have to work so hard. I wish we can have more time to do all the things that we always wanted to do but have no time. Maybe Iโ€™ll just migrate to NZ and live a peaceful life there!?!

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