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Hong Kong Day 2: Star Ferry, Man Mo Temple & Gage Street Market

Do check out Hong Kong Day 1: Airport Express, Thematic Lantern Exhibition & Heritage 1881 before reading my day 2 adventure.

On day 2, the fog continue to smoother Victoria Harbour. I have expected it. This is the kind of ‘weather’ you get during January/February in Hong Kong. At 10am, we walked to Star Ferry pier, Tsim Sha Tsui which is just few minutes from YMCA.

Boarding Star Ferry
Boarding Star Ferry.
This is my first time on board the famous Star Ferry.

On board Star Ferry
Ahhh… so foggy ya?
It was also very cold. Vapor can be seen coming out from our mouth when we talk.
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Great Ocean Road Self-Drive Day 5: Port Campbell Hostel, Post Office, Refuel & Port Campbell Town

First tell me, are you bored with my Australia travelogue already? 😛
Before I start talking about day 5, let me tell you that it’s gonna be a very loooooong day. So sit tight with me and we vrooom together okay?

Let me bring you in and about Port Campbell Hostel, the accommodation that we stayed at after our Twelve Apostles adventure.

Again Tripadvisor was my inspiration for finding Port Campbell Hostel. The double room cost AU$70.00. No breakfast, shared bathroom, free car park, a bbq area, large dining and lounge area and lastly they have a very awesome kitchen!

Port Campbell Hostel @ Tregea Street, Port Campbell
Port Campbell Hostel @ Tregea Street, Port Campbell.
This hostel is owned by Port Campbell Surf Life Saving Club.

Port Campbell Hostel @ Tregea Street, Port Campbell
I love love love this building. The place is clean, big and orderly and its location is the best.
Fyi Port Campbell Hostel is a brand new accommodation. It only opened its door circa end 2009. Its previous building was demolished and this new rebuilt hostel is what you see today.

Port Campbell Hostel @ Tregea Street, Port Campbell
Our room is at the first floor. Just beside the stair is the bbq area and in the building beside is the awesome kitchen. And from where I’m standing is the parking area.
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Hong Kong Day 4: Shopping, Avenue Of Stars & Temple Street

Note: Fully loaded with photos!

If you miss my HK trip fun read it here: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

Our first shopping stop is the ESPRIT outlet located at Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

This is the place to go for EPSRIT bargain clothing. For e.g. a normal ESPRIT tee will cost about RM100 in Malaysia but only RM40 at this outlet. Trousers which normally cost between RM200~RM300 in Malaysia, cost below RM100 in this outlet. So you say cheap or not leh? They’re cheap because they’re out of season clothes. I don’t care as long as it’s comfortable.

We had a short stop at Tsim Sha Tsui post office (stamps!!)

before walking to Avenue of Stars which is not too far away.

He’s the first actor that I got starstrucked with. (since his heyday as Cheung Wai Kit in Police Cadet)

Just like Hollywood, Hong Kong has its own stars walk of fame pathway. What captivate me most with this place are not all the cemented hand prints that I saw but the spectacular harbour view of Hong Kong Island.

If not for the hazy setting, I bet I would be shouting out loud ‘OHMYGOD‘ instead of ‘SO HAZY ONE! GRRRR‘.

More Promenade photos. Ahh we wanted to ride in the Duk Ling but no place liao.

Then we’re off to Granville Road for more shopping.

Along the way we saw people giving out flyers and my guess is some of them are meant for those special services… ahem… cough cough. Mom’s the only one getting all excited (about shopping lar). The rest of us were feeling lethargic plus I don’t really like the clothing there.

While waiting for mom we bought some egg balls to munch.

Later at night we went to Temple Street for a stroll and dinner. There’s not much to see at Temple Street as it is almost the same as our Petaling Street in Malaysia.

But wow oh wow, our dinner was absolutely fabulous. Claypot chicken and mushroom rice (super delicious). Af first we wonder why no soy sauce were added to the claypot rice. Aiyar we must add ‘em ourselves la.

We had a very delectable dessert in Hui Lau Shan which is famous for its mango pudding. Double yum-yum.

After dinner, we had a leisurely walk around Temple Street area before saying good night to day 4.

Coming soon day 5 (last day in HK, more shopping!!!)