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A Visit To Rattan Shop

My mom suddenly has the urge to repair the 2 rattan dining chairs that Chester destroyed eons ago. My first visit to this old rattan ‘shack’ were fulled of fu wahhh, ohhh and wahhh. During my next trip there I decided to snap some pictures of the shop. My answer to the owner when he asked me the impending question (what’cha doing with a camera in my shop?): “Because your shop is so unique. This is out of the norm. Something I don’t see everyday.” ๐Ÿ™‚

So here are just a couple of pictures which I think are good enough to show the world. Haha

Outside the old rattan shop…

This shop is situated beside a busy road. Business is not bad judging from the number of customers I saw. Notice the 2 chairs on the right of this picture? That’s ours. Haha

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