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Rock Climbing @ Camp5

Last Saturday I had my first taste of rock climbing with sis, Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher’s sis (as camera lady) at Camp5. We choose ‘Try Climbing’ course at RM45 pax (inclusive of all gear and entrance fee). This is a 1 hour session designed for people like us-first timer to have a first taste of climbing before enrolling in an instructional course.

After having equipped ourself with harness, rock climbing shoes and helmet, our instructor, Noel brought us to the bouldering section. Bouldering is basically climbing on a big rock/boulder without any rope attached to you. Don’t worry, usually you don’t climb very high up and if you fall, you will land on a large mattress/pad and a spotter(a person standing on the ground to prevent the climber from landing badly) is usually assigned to guide the fallen climber’s body toward the mattress.

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