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My Retired Samsung S3

This is absolutely yet another LATE POST. Just for my reference and/or to help those that are facing these issues.

My Samsung S3 (9th handphone) started having some issues around 1.5 to 2 years ago (perhaps circa mid year of 2016). Actually few months after I blogged about this handphone, it started lagging noticeably, but I hold on to it. I gotta make my money worth!

Ok, so the issues I had with my Samsung S3:
1. Battery draining very fast. I suspected this was due to an app that I downloaded. It was so bad that I had to reset the phone to factory setting few times. Battery life improved a bit but I still need to charge the phone almost twice daily. I even bought a new battery, but no help there.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 โ€“ My 9th Handphone

Just when the news hit that Samsung Galaxy S4 has arrived our shore, I knew it’s time. But still not the right time as my old BlackBerry is still functional. Well, until that fateful day when I let loose of the phone and everything ended there.

So I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 in white! Oh you read correct and it’s not a typo mistake. ๐Ÿ™‚ S4 is just not within my budget because I refuse to pay so much for a phone. Hahaha Of course owning the latest phone is a nice feeling. Galaxy S3 suit me perfectly fine in the wallet since I know it’s going to get a price drop after S4 came in. Hehehe

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