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Cloth Pads – 3rd Take

Ladies, if you wear cloth pads and are a big fan of cloth pads come give me a shout-out at the comment box!

I’ve been testing 2 new cloth pads which I bought from Luna Wolf few months back. And now I’m ready to tell you what I think about these cloth pads. If you read my previous post about cloth pads you’ll know that I’m still looking for the perfect cloth pads. Will this be the one?

Please note this is not a sponsored post. Just a post to share my views on the cloth pads that I’ve tried.

Why did I choose Luna Wolf? Well, remember I complaint about side leakage? Luna Wolf’s cloth pads are wider compared to Domino Pads. Hence I thought I’ll give it a try. My New Moon Pads (my very first cloth pads) are even wider but are a little clumsy due to its constructions if I may say.

Behold my new pads…

Cloth Pads
Beautiful fabric pattern – 2nd reason why I choose Luna Wolf.
The purple one is called Electric Garden 11.75″ while the pink one is called Wildflowers at 10.25″.
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Cloth Pads – 2nd Take

It’s been nearly 2 years since I started using cloth pad. What can I say? I still love it! The only time I wore sanitary pads was early this year during my HK trip. ‘Auntie’ came at an unpredictable time. It reminds me why I dislike sanitary pads so much.

I’ve only made two online cloth pads purchases so far; one from New Moon Pads and the latest purchase (6 months ago) from Domino Pads. This is not a sponsored post but rather a post to share my views on certain cloth pads.

Cloth Pads
The ‘weird’ hand dyed cloth pads from Domino Pads.
Was a little hesitant to wear it at first due to its freaky colors.
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I Love Cloth Pads!

I was first introduced to cloth pads by Jam during mid of last year.

My initial reactions were EEKKK & GROSS! Read the first comment on that post and you will know how I felt at that time. The thing is I don’t wash my underwear hehe… that’s why I feel URGGHH reading that post.

While Jam post has instill me the awareness of cloth pads, it was Dawn’s post on trying out cloth pads that prompted me to make ‘the’ move.

However it took me a year later to gather up the courage to embark on the cloth pads journey (because I still feel EEEK during that 1 year time hahaha).

My plan was to try out a couple of cloth pads and see how it goes. That was back in July this year. I ordered a bundle with 9 pieces in total ranging from light to heavy flow cloth pads from New Moon Pads. And I received it just in time for my monthly ‘best friend’. Thank you so much Renee.

I can’t tell you how amazed I am by the absorbency level. And the best thing is no smell at all. It is very refreshing and comfortable too. I decide there’s no turning back to sanitary pads. Boo hoo to sanitary pads.

However I have leakage problem at both side of my underwear during the high flow & night time. So I ordered 2 ultra absorbency cloth pads again from Renee (taking advantage of the free shipping promotion hehe).

Cloth Pads
This is my cloth pads collection. Hahaha

Remember my EEEkiness feeling on washing cloth pads? Well I don’t feel EEEky at all when I’m actually doing the washing. Thoughts are just ego. I put the cloth pads in a dry pail. When I’m ready to wash, I soak it with cold water & mild detergent for 1/2 hour or so. By then all the unpleasant ‘thingy’ will be gone. I just need to scrub a little by hand. Btw, the absorbency level is so high that I’m amazed at how much blood I can wring out during the washing of a high absorbency type cloth pads. After wash I hang them dry in the bathroom. Hehe

Oh and my mom would not let me use the washing machine. But I’m going to let her let me wash my cloth pads with the machine someday. I’m using more water with hand washing you see.

And because of the high absorbency, I basically don’t need to change while I’m on the road. And if I do, I bring a small ziploc bag to keep the used cloth pad. Simple & easy.

Just the other day I injured my finger and as a result I couldn’t wash the cloth pads. So I revert to sanitary pad temporary (just 1 day). The uncomfortable feeling is so major. I felt like puking for using sanitary pad. Ewwwww to the yucky smell!!!

Here are the reasons why I decide to make the prominent move from sanitary pads to cloth pads:
1. I can’t bear the sickening smell of sanitary pads any longer. They stinks!
2. I hate the stickiness & non-breathable feeling at the ‘bottom’.
3. Save the environment!!! *a sanitary pad takes approximately 500 years to biodegrade partially!!!

Here are some disturbing facts about sanitary pads:
1. Take a pack of your sanitary pads and try to look for the ingredients used. NONE right? Isn’t that scary? We’ve no idea what ingredients/chemicals are used.

2. The intoxicating smell that I thought were blood is actually chemical smell.

The price of cloth pads may be on the high side but in the long run you’re actually saving more money because you don’t have to buy new cloth pads every month or year. Unless of course you’re looking for new pattern & design. For myself, I’m happy with what I have currently but I will order new cloth pads from other shops to try out.


This is not a sponsored post. This is an awareness post with the hope of helping women & saving our earth for a better tomorrow. I hope this post will change your view on using cloth pads. Try it yourself and I guarantee you will not look back at sanitary pads anymore.

Oh by the by, I still don’t wash my underwear. Hehe

p/s: I’ve not figured out how to wash cloth pads during traveling. Hmm how ar? Bring a pail? Any idea?