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Dog-Cat Fight

Chester was involved in a dog-cat fight (first one!) few days ago. It was my fault 100%.

You see a cat was lazing away near our kitchen back door. I tried shooing it away without success. So I thought “Hey, why not ask my dog for help?”

So I called Chester to the kitchen: “Chester, you wanna see cat-cat?” He knows what a cat is.

I have the back door open a little, just enough for my dog’s head to go through. I can’t risk my dog lunging at the cat ma. So Chester was standing at the small gap barking but… the cat hissed and pawed at Chester. Chester did avoid the cat’s ‘punch’ and continue barking away. I didn’t realized his nose was bleeding until he has his head turned to me. Oopps!

Fight ended with the score: Chester 0 – 1 Cat

Chester so sorry ya. Me nottie.

Here’s his nose condition few days later…

With the nose scar… Hey at least my dog now looks like a ‘samseng’. Hehe

Happy weekend peeps!