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Moringa Shower Gel and Mask Sheet from Secret Key & The Face Shop

This time I’m sharing with you my current favorite shower gel and mask sheet and the not so nice mask sheet. Read on.

The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel

The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel
This is actually my second bottle of Moringa shower gel in a row from The Body Shop. According to the website it says this shower gel contain real moringa seed oil and the delicate scent of white flowers. To me the scent reminds me of a good quality Chinese tea! Yeah you read that right. It’s like drinking a cup of warm fuzzy tea, naked in my shower. Hahaha I just love the scent.
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My First Gmarket Haul

Gmarket… ahhh I LOVE YA!

What’s Gmarket? Gmarket is Korean no. 1 online shopping site and it’s my current favorite place to look for good deals. I first learned about Gmarket when I was following Faith 신의 novel news. At that time I thought Gmarket cater for books only. Later in another blog, I found out Gmarket offer a lot of other cool products from Korea such as apparel, accessories, beauty, electronics and so much more.

Basically Gmarket consist of many sellers. Each sellers will then send your order to Gmarket warehouse. Once all items has arrived at the warehouse, they will be packed and combine into 1 box and ship to you. How do you pay for your stuff? Either by credit card or Paypal.

For my 1st Gmarket haul, I bought a total of 10 items. Oh yeah… is that crazy or what? Some of them are SUPER DUPER cheap especially beauty products because I bought them during deals of the week. Seriously I cannot belief they would offer such prices. Are they crazy? Haha Read on below and you’ll know what I mean.

Here’s a breakdown of events from ordering to receiving for my 1st Gmarket order:
Placed order on 13th Feb.
All items arrived at Gmarket warehouse by 18th/19th Feb.
Shipment dispatched from Gmarket warehouse on 19th Feb.
Parcel left Korea on 20th Feb.
Released from Malaysia custom on 21st Feb.
Received 22nd Feb from Poslaju.
Total time: 9 days (this is during CNY, quite fast ya?)

Gmarket Parcel
Box weight: 5.22kg, no. of items: 10
EMS shipping cost: ₩27,750 (About RM79.00)
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