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‘Tis Is The Season To Be Sick

So yeah I was ill for a couple of days. Knew it was coming ever since CNY and every time I did wonderfully by chasing the sick bug away. Well until one fine day I got cornered! &#^[email protected]!!! Sigh…

I have fever, flu, blocked nose, cough, phlegm and sore throat. The typical ordeal.

To be precised my whole family were and some are still sick (e.g. me and mom). My sister was the first to fell ill then my dad, mom and finally me. This is the first in history the whole family got sick together. Because of that Chester has been practically ignored. I haven’t cuddle him for like ages. I hope he doesn’t catch any of our sick bug.

These are only some of our medicine. Horrifying right? Hahaha

It came to a point that my urine smell of medicine for few days. Yucky!

p/s: I’ve always wonder… does dog ever get fever?