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Siem Reap Day 1: Khmer Kitchen Restaurant & Artisans d’Angkor (Part 1)


I recently backpacked to Siem Reap, Cambodia for 4 days, 4 nights during Chinese New Year [21st February-25th February 2010 – yes it spells 5 days but the fact that I was on an early plane home (read: 8am GMT+7) on 25th mean I only have 4 days].

Ok here’s the shocking news: I was ‘templed out’ way before I step in the plane. LOL What a joke ya??

Unlike my other trips, I didn’t plan my Siem Reap itinerary until the very last moment due to some reasons. It was a week before the departure day that I started frantically googling and reading all about the temples, things to do, thing to see, etc. I was looking at so many photos of the temples in the web and reading so many travelogues of Siem Reap until… until… I was templed out! (read: sick of looking at temples) I decided not to read anything more about Siem Reap 2 days before departure as I was getting nausea from looking at ANGKOR TEMPLES!. Will tell you later how I fare during the temples visit. Hehe

I witnessed a stunning deep orange sunrise during the morning Air Asia flight to Siem Reap. What a way to start your day ya?

I thought of what Angkor Wat would look like with this stunner as the backdrop. And I thought ‘hey, never mind if I don’t see the sun rises at Angkor Wat, this is impressive enough.’ –> mistake!!!

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Oversea, Travel

Going To Siem Reap… Very Soon

… and guess what? I’m having some minor fever, flu and cough. Hope I’ll be able to get well in time. *prays

This will be my first oversea trip in 2 1/2 years. My last oversea trip was to Hong Kong and Macau in November 2007. What happened to my ‘visit at least 1 oversea country a year’ mission? Failed lo. It was due to health and busyness. I’m very sure I will be able to ‘tambah’ balik those 2 lost ‘oversea trips’ soon. Thinking of Bali. Anyone? *blink blink

OK back to Siem Reap…
– I’m getting the 3 days pass ticket
– Taking my 2 lenses (50mm f/1.8 and 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6) but which one should I ‘load’ on my camera as the main lens. Any suggestion?
Am contemplating whether I should bring my tripod and gorillapod. Or maybe I can use my body as tripod? haha Decided to bring tripod. πŸ™‚
– Not hiring a guide (since this will be a leisure trip; will be going to Siem Reap again with a more ‘serious’ partner later)
– Not visiting Tonle Sap
– Will be hiring tuk-tuk except for the last day trip I will hire a car to bring us to Banteay Srei and Angkor Wat. I thought Banteay Srei is too pretty and cannot be missed. Is the road to Banteay Srei dangerous for 2 ladies and a driver?
– Already I’m thinking this is sure gonna be an expensive US$$ trip.
Oh and where do you change large US$ notes to smaller notes? Got it at money changer. LOL

Kindly comment if you have any suggestion. I can read your comment until this Saturday. *yeah that soon!

Angkor Wat… here I come!!!