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Pictures From BlackBerry Curve 8

Come checkout photos I took from my BB starting January this year.

Top left: Sun rays!
Top right: Love resting my leg on his belly.
Bottom left: The cone due to hematoma (yeah again) early Jan.
Bottom right: Eating fruits with a toothpick. He was afraid at first but got used to it now. Me proud owner. Haha

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Bamboos In The Yard

There’s this place in my neighbor’s yard that I pass by every day with Chester. They have 2 bamboo trees which complements the house perfectly. I like walking there. When I’m underneath it, I feel like a whole new world has open up. The effect of good feng shui from bamboo I guess.

Ahh if only the yard is a public garden, I would have bring a mat and spend my day looking up.

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