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Chester Killed His Best Friend!

I’ve a secret to tell you. It’s regarding my dog. You see, Chester committed a very BIG sin last year. He asked me to hush-hush about it but alas I could no longer keep his secret.

You see, my gentle and sweet golden retriever who has never even step on ants and would just dash away at the sight of rustling leaves, killed his best friend with his bare paws. It was so outrageous that I, as the witness of the crime couldn’t stop crying laughing. Ohmygosh it was down-right funny.

The murder happened on the 17th day of September at 12.51pm. Teddy bear or better known as ANAK was killed by a collapsing fence pushed by my clueless dog. Just look at my cute and sorry dog… he doesn’t know what to do!!! Hahaha He really stared at the scene for very long time while I laughed non-stop.

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Rock Ya Doggie

My dog loves his blanket and anak (teddy bear) very much. How do I know?

Well, he humps his blanket a lot. Hahaha (sort of saying I ya, blankie!)
And he brings me his blanket (which is so cute btw) and anak when he wants to play tug-of-war with them.

That’s how I tuck him to sleep ‘almost’ every night.
Especially on rainy nights.

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