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Bangkok Day 4 – River Cruise, Temple, Tanks, Shopping & Drama!

First and foremost, Happy Deepavali and Happy Holidays!
I think I owe you guys this post. Sorry for taking so long. Lazy mah. I promise you this will be the last LONG post I’m gonna write in quite sometime. Like previous Day 3 post, please look at the pictures if you’re lazy to read.

Day 4 – 26th September 2006 (Tuesday):

Last day in Bangkok. After our brekkie, we traveled by Skytrain from Asok to Saphan Taksin station. Hehe we’re going for a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River!!! Sathorn Pier is just a short walk (about 200m) from Saphan Taksin station. We decided to get on the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat. At 100Baht per person, the price includes a One Day River Pass for unlimited rides (for 1 day), Chao Phraya Travel Guidebook and drinking water. There is also a tour guide on board to enlighten us during the ride. The tour boat operating hours are from 9.30am to 3pm and provide service to 9 designated piers.

I think you would fall in love with Chao Phraya River too if you have seen the river yourself. YES the river is murky and NO it does not have any horrible stench. Chao Phraya River exudes a majestic charm.

We disembarked at Tha Tien Pier and took a cross river ferry which cost a mere 3Baht to the other side. Our destination? Wat Arun aka The Temple of Dawn at Thonburi (the other side of the river). It’s called the Temple of Dawn because the temple is at its most beautiful at dawn.

For me, it is stunning looking even on a normal day. The admission fee is 20Baht. Climbing the steps of Wat Arun reminds me of the Great Wall of China, wild steep steps! Wat Arun is covered with colorful Chinese porcelains. You’ll be surprise my friend that it is so strikingly beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off the porcelains. Wat Arun is by far my favourite temple and I would love to stay there forever! (if they allow la)

By the time we arrived back at Tha Tien Pier, it was drizzling. We were contemplating whether to board the Chao Phraya Express Boat to our next destination or have our lunch at the pier’s food stall. We didn’t have to make any decision as the drizzling became a heavy downpour. Our lunch was a good one. I had glass noodle soup that comes with crab meat, pork ball and fish ball @ 30Baht. After that we bought some yummylicious snack such as sweet potato balls, fried tofus and fried pohpias at the pier entrance. We didn’t have to wait long for the rain to stop either. It became sunny again.

We hopped on the next available tourist boat and disembarked at Phra Athrit Pier. We traveled by taxi to The Marble Temple (Wat Benchamabophit). No no not gonna visit another temple. We were there to visit tanks! There were 2 tanks and few trucks parked right infront of The Marble Temple. Ah we got to touch the tanks and took photos with several military guards. We even posed with yellow roses (just like they show in TV).

We didn’t linger long as we have another great mission to accomplish. It was here that we bade farewell to the 3 girls. 3 of them are going to Robinson for last minute shopping (bra shopping!) and then 2 of them will board the plane back to Malaysia (1 hr earlier than us) while our remaining friends (girls) will wait for us at the airport.

For the remaining 4 of us, we walked a few hundred metres to our top secret destination, Anantasamakhom Throne Hall & King Rama V Monument. Mission: To take picture with 10 tanks!!! It’s like going to a tank parade. 5 tanks parked at each side of King Rama V Monument.

Then we hailed a cab to Victory Monument. I think we spent like 5 minutes there only. Posing and taking picture of the monument. We parted ways after that because me and sis would like to go to MBK for our last minute shopping while the guys would like to go to Chatuchak for their last minute shopping. We promised to meet at our hostel’s entrance at 4pm.

So off we went to MBK. As you remember we didn’t ventured much when we came to MBK the other day (coz of painful legs!). Luckily we check out the top floor of MBK this time. There were many cheap ‘pirated’ clothes for sale. We bought 2 Billabong beach shorts, a handbag and packets of dried food. Ya I know not much. What to do? We were out of time. We had an early dinner at the MBK food court and hurried to the Skytrain.

At nearly 5pm, we finally meet up with the guys at our hostel’s entrance. Ohh we’re so late. We quickly retrieve our luggage from the luggage storage room at the hostel. The guys told us that Chatuchak was closed! OPPPSSS! Hmm I thought some part of the market will be open even on normal days. No?

Guess how many extra luggage did we packed on our last day? JUST EXTRA ONE! We chucked all our stuff into a big black bag but it were damn heavy! Total we have 2 luggages. Cool eh.

And the drama of all dramas started soon enough. I didn’t need to hail a cab as a taxi voluntary stop right in front of us. We did thought about taking the airport bus but unfortunately we were running out of time and we need to cross the road to the other side (use overhead bridge). Since we all have freaking heavy luggages we opted for a taxi instead. We told the driver that we wanted to use meter and he agreed to it. Once we’re inside, he refused to do so and quoted us 300Baht for the ride plus 60Baht for 2 tolls (40Baht and 20Baht each). We can do anything except agreed to this negotiation.

Approximately 1/4 of the journey to the airport, it started to drizzle. Traffic jam starts to build up too. We thought there were an accident but apparently the authority have closed the elevated highway. All vehicles were diverted to the road below the elevated highway. FYI, from my own account there are 2 ways to the airport. Either use the elevated highway which is faster or the road below the highway. Both paths stretch out straight to the airport.

About 45 minutes after we departed from the hostel, I started to get the tingling feeling of ‘water’ building up in my kidneys. I sat at the middle back of the taxi and the A/C was blowing at full speed. I requested the taxi driver to lower the speed and asked him how much longer before we reach the airport. He said maybe about 1/2 hour more. Few minutes later, I asked him to pull over coz I REALLY need to answer call of nature. He keep shaking his head as if he don’t understand the word toilet. We found a Thai phrase for toilet and told him. I think he was just pretending that he can’t understand. He said he can’t stop for fear that police will ‘saman’ him for stopping at the side of the road. Really man, the road have no emergency lane! I asked him to exit the road and try to go to another road where he can stop. Again he said he can’t. Actually he was right. There were no way out. Coz all the roads were jammed up. Oh SHIT @#^%$*! I’m DOOMED…

The driver sighed many a times due to traffic congestion and my crazy request! Pity him also lo.

Then I started to panic. My heart beats BUP BUP BUP. I wasn’t sure I can hold any much longer. I felt my kidneys were failing me. OHGOD. That was the most horrific feeling. I started to ran through some options. Pee at the bushes beside the road? Pee in the car? (since I was wearing a jeans; better absorption wuahaha) Run to the nearest petrol station? (that is if the driver wanna stop) Run out of the car while the taxi is moving? (and then find a place to pee and try cathing the taxi or bus).

Again I asked him to try please please please stop for me. My friends also helped me to talk him out. I saw a few high-rise building along the way. Ahh maybe there is a chance? And then we saw the road bends abit and there is some space for the taxi to stop. He did stop for me. Fhewwww! Our friend Pat and me quickly climbed out of the cab and ran to the nearest building. Along the way we climbed 2 or 3 road boulders. Arggh why did they made the boulders to be that high. It was as high as my waist! We ran under the drizzle, my jeans was wet due to the climbing, some vehicles moved out of our way as they see us running and finally we reached the building. The drama didn’t end there.

We asked the security the location of the toilet and I think I heard him saying first floor. So off we went to the lift. Gasped. Why can’t I press the first floor button but I can press the other floors’ one? Aiseh the reason was because we’re at the first floor mah. We reconfirmed with him and this time he said 10th floor. WHAT!!! (all the floors’ toilet were closed except the 10th floor)

I can finally breath easily after emerging from the ‘holy’ room. Quickly we ran back to the cab. The situation is similiar: climbing boulders, running like hell and crossing roads. I exchanged seat with my sis because I scare I will need to go again. The remaining journey were boring. Besides the occasional sighing from the taxi driver, we were like crunched up in a small jail cubicle. I feared for my sis as well because that #$^& driver turned the A/C to top notch again. At 3/4 of the journey left, the roads were back to smooth sailing.

Finally we reached the airport at around 7.30pm. 2 1/2 hours journey of hell ride for me! When we pay the taxi driver 300Baht, he was giving out a loud sigh. (we had paid him 60Baht earlier in the cab). We told him the unused toll money is for him. What to do wor. If he were to use metre, I think we will have to pay him almost double (maybe). It was his calling earlier on and we just abide to it. But I regret abit later on. I should have pay him extras just for the favour he has done for me. Very quickly, he had a custormer asking for the price of the cab and he humbly told him 300Baht. *sniff sniff*

Later on, sis told me that while Pat and me were off to the loo the driver came out of his car and were pretending like his car break-down.

The cab stopped at Terminal 2 and we after some inquiring we found that AirAsia check-in counter is in Terminal 1. So what did we do? We ran like hell while pushing 2 trolleys.

We did some shopping for mom at the Duty Free Shop before retiring to the airport waiting area. Tell you what. L’oreal products are very cheap here (@ one of the duty free shop). About RM10 cheaper.

Not long after we sat down, it was time to board the plane. Bye Bye Bangkok. It had been one hell of a journey. I would surely come back for more shopping, food, river cruise, temples galore and floating market minus drama. Although I had met one or two ugly side of Thais but overall I felt welcome. And I will welcome myself to Bangkok again.

Here’s my complete 2006 4D/3N Bangkok Travelogue:
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2. Bangkok Day 2 – Shopping Day!!!
3. Bangkok Day 3 – Temples & Grand Palace
4. Bangkok Day 4 – River Cruise, Temple, Tanks, Shopping & Drama!

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Bangkok Day 3 – Temples & Grand Palace

Day 3 – 25th September 2006 (Monday):

BEWARE: Record breaking looooooong post. Just view the pictures if you’re lazy to read.

We woke up early on day 3 as we are going to Pak Khlong Talad aka Flower Market. We left the hostel quite late actually… about 6.30am and traveled by Metro (subway) from Sukhumvit to Hua Lamphong. One thing good about our hostel is that it is in close proximity to Skytrain (Asok) and Metro (Sukhumvit) interchange.

Hua Lamphong MRT station is connected to Hua Lamphong Railway Station, one of Bangkok’s main railway stations. Its architecture reminds me of Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in Singapore.

From here, we took 2 taxis to the Flower Market and it is at this station that we encountered 2 angels in the form of a railway guard and a taxi driver. It was the railway guard who told us to request the staff from Tourist Information counter to write down ‘Pak Khlong Talad’ in Thai language and he was the one who effortlessly take care of the taxi queue. I’ve never seen any railway guard or whatever guard who is so dedicated. Bravo.

3 of us hopped on the first taxi available while 4 other friends hopped on the next one. Unfortunately for us the taxi went into a standstill after 3 corners. Wooppps! The taxi driver told us that he was sorry and that he was unable to bring us there as his car couldn’t start. I asked him how much we should pay for the ride and he said “Nevermind”. We expressed our appreciation and quickly walk back to the station. Meter taxi flag down rate is 35Baht for first 2km.

The guard that I told you about earlier doesn’t seem to be amazed that we went back for another taxi. When we hopped on another taxi, he told us to make a note of the taxi driver’s no. plate (in case). Maybe he thought that the first taxi driver cheated on us.

Thankfully we were able to locate our friends who had arrived earlier at Pak Khlong Talad. Seriously speaking I’m still not sure whether the flower market that we ‘toured’ is indeed Pak Khlong Talad. There’s no signage whatsoever, there’s not much flowers and not much variety and we saw a few more flower markets there as well. So maybe the whole neighborhood is called Pak Khlong Talad? *scratch head*

These are young lotus. Beautiful yah.

Can Moz please help identify these pictures to see whether we visit the correct market?

As we go deeper inside the market, we saw vegetables as well. *scratch head even more* After a very short excursion to the market and back, we went looking for a place to have our breakfast. We stopped over at a shop that sells chicken rice and noodle soup. I guess this is the best way to appreciate authentic Thai food. We relished the taste of Thai chicken rice @ 25Baht per plate. Goodness me! The chicken rice and soup were awesome!

After our morning feast, we went looking for Grand Palace. We had no idea what street we’re on and have to ask around for direction. I knew we’re lost the moment the taxi brought us to Pak Khlong Talad. This event also sparked some constraint within our group. My group members were waiting for me and my sis to point to the right direction. I think they thought we’re tour guides! It was always us holding the maps & itinerary. Aiseh!

Apparently we found out that Wat Pho< is nearer. It was quite a long walk and we managed to view some local Thais sundry shops, small warehouses and school. Wat Pho admission charge is 100Baht (~RM10). In the picture below the towering pagodas are called chedis, memorials to the past monarchs. There's also the fame Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School but unfortunately due to time constraint we gave it a miss. Wat Pho houses the fame Reclining Buddha. The statue is 46 metres long and 15 metres high and are covered with gold leaves. Truly beautiful. The first thing I said when I went in the building was "WOW!!! The wall of the building is full of beautiful painted mural depicting story of the ancient world. The feet of the Buddha’s statue are laid with mother-of-pearl designs and we are forbid from touching it.

After that we had a LONG LONG walk to the Grand Palace. We were fooled by a tuk-tuk driver that told us to go ‘that’ way where we covered 1/2 of the Grand Palace outer wall #^@&!*% when in fact the other way is so much shorter. Along the way we were harassed by a few tuk-tuk drivers telling us that Grand Palace is close for the morning. Of course we knew it is a scam.

We rested quite awhile when we arrived at the Grand Palace main entrance because all of us were so exhausted. While resting we had a good laugh at some of the ‘Orang Barat’ tourists. In order to enter Grand Palace, visitor must dress appropriately and some of these women and men dressed in short, skirt above knee, sleeveless etc. Proper clothing will be loan to them at the entrance and there was this 1 hot guy we’re laughing about. He was wearing a VERY bright yellow trousers (loose fitting type). The moment you see that trousers I bet you’ll be turned off as well. Poor him.

The Grand Palace ticket costs 200Baht and admits you to Vimanmek Mansion Museum and The Royal Thai Decoration and Coin Pavilion as well (we didn’t visit these 2 buildings unfortunately). First, we visited the Upper Terrace which consists of a large golden chedi, Phra Mondop and a carved model of Angkor Wat and another building which I have forgotten the name. Phra Mondop is covered mostly in gold, white and mirror tiles. A sight to behold!

Next to Upper Terrace is the most famous temple in Thailand, Wat Phra Keow or more famously known as The Temple of the Emerald Buddha. These pictures didn’t do justice due to over-exposure hehehe I blame the weather and myself (too) for not recalling how to set my digi cam.

Ahh what can I say about the Grand Palace? It’s beautiful and it gave you a grandeur feeling. I especially loves the golden color roof top.

Ahh oh ya at the souvenir shop in the Grand Palace, there’s a small postage office… which brought sheer delight to sis and me. We’ve been looking for a post-office high and low. We sent 2 postcards back to our home just because we wanted the stamps. Hehehe. Got the postcard few days after we came back. It’s always nice to read back what you wrote in the postcards… memory.

Next stop is Chinatown and this time 3 of us gotten a ‘BAD’ taxi driver. I don’t understand. If he doesn’t want to take us there why in the first place agree to it? He almost had 3 accidents, he is a maniac and I suspected he took us ‘jalan-jalan’. First he came to a stop ‘somewhere’ in Chinatown. We said “NO” cause we already told him our destination is a hotel near Sampeng Market. He grunted loudly. And when he came to a stop at the wrong hotel, we said “NO” again and this time his grunt is so scary that we said “OK OK”. We walked several blocks to our 4 friends who while waiting for us had finished their lunch at a hawker stall. Along the way we asked quite a number of people for direction. Bliss eh?

I can say that my lunch at Chinatown is the sweetest of all. I had glass noodle soup + green tea @ 45 Baht. Slurpppppppppppp the soup was so ‘CHENG!’ (wonderfully delicious) that I drank it all… why not? hehehe and I got to convey Hokkien with the lady hawker. She is so sweet. Then we walk walk walk until we arrive at Sampeng Market.

At Sampeng Market you can find cheap clothing, footwear, jewelry, textiles, fashion accessories and many more. Sis and me bought a few packets of long beads, glass beads and crystals. Hahaha.

Right after Sampeng Market, we were supposed to visit Wat Arun but due to time limit (closing in 1.5hrs time) we decided to leave it until tomorrow. So we went back to hostel for a 2 hours rest. And then when we were about to leave for dinner, it pours. Our first Bangkok rain. Wohooooo…

Later on, one of the girls suggested to walk about our hostel area to hunt for hawker food for dinner. Because it had just rain, not many hawkers can be found along the road. But we found these… fried grasshoppers, worms, frogs, etc hehe. One of the guys bought a packet of ‘insects’ to be tried out after dinner.

We went to Robinson looking for a place to have dinner and thank god there’s a food court there. However one of the girls decided to skip dinner and go bra hunting instead. I had a shrimp tom yam for dinner plus 1/4 of a worm. Why 1/4? because I dare not touch the fried worm. It looked so alive. So my sis break ’em into 1/4. LOL. After dinner, our friend went and bought 3 more packets of ‘insects’ for souvenir for his friends!

Don’t worry we didn’t visit any 7-11 along the way home because we already bought some food stuffs at Robinson’s TOPs supermarket. I ate an instant noodle before retiring to bed. The tom yam that I ate is like nothing. Aiyoo.

Since sis and me were a little pissed off by that day’s episode about us tour guiding our group and we’re SO TIRED, we told our friends that we have cancel the next day’s plan. They can go wherever they want and we will follow them. Heh I’m not that evil lah woiiiii. But then it’s good that I cancel the next day plan (fyi, I drew out the Bangkok itinerary with Moz’s help hehe) because according to a Thai lady Damnoen Saduak Floating Market only opens on the weekend (blame myself for not paying much attention to this matter). Plus afternoon plan for the next day is shopping only… cancel also nevermind as more than 50% of us have little cash left. Thought of going to Taling Chan Floating Market but the Thai lady said no more or only on weekends. Ahhh I forgot. Wanna know where we’re going the “next day”? Find out about our floating market alternative tour. Stay tuned!

This is a short video clip of the song Don’t Cha (PSD) sang by a Thai singer at Suan Lum Night Bazaar. Enjoy.

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Bangkok Day 2 – Shopping Day!!!

Day 2 – 24th September 2006 (Sunday):
Day 2 is shopping day!!! I had to put this day as shopping day because Chatuchak only opens on the weekend.

BEWARE extremely long post ahead.

Italian coffee and restaurant where we had our breakfast.

A beautiful artpiece at the restaurant.

Our breakfast consist of vegetarian fried rice (superb) and tea.

After brekkie, we begin our journey to Chatuchak Weekend Market by Skytrain from Asok to Mo Chit @ 40Baht per person. We arrived there at around 8.30am and my eyes started to dart here and there. Holy cow!!! There were hundreds and hundreds of stalls and thus giving me hundreds of reason to shop. I only managed to capture photos of food and art stalls mostly. I’ve forgotten to take pictures of clothes, shoes, beads, bags, silks, antiques, etc as I was busy browsing and bargaining.

As there are few thousand stalls in Chatuchak, we decided to shop around in groups of 3. The first thing that I bought there was a pair of slipper because my mom’s Clarks sandal were poking my poor toes. In total we spent 3.5hrs in Chatuchak and I didn’t even finish browsing every stalls. We walked quickly and only stop at the places that we want to buy stuffs. We bought magnets, tee for mom, beads and beading tools, scarf for us and Chester, additional pair of slipper, 2 tees for myself and sis, a bag and food stuffs. Not much right? That’s why I wanna go there again!!!!!!

Ohh and I’m not sure whether it’s because we were tourist or the price is already very cheap but I find bargaining at Chatuchak quite difficult. At most I only get 10-15% discount and some stalls don’t even wanna give us discount. Umphh maybe coz we only buy 1 or 2.

If you ever go to Chatuchak prepare to fight heat with water. I drank 2 bottles of water and 1 coconut water yet I still feel very dehydrated. I didn’t need to answer nature call from morning till afternoon. And I sweat like hell!

At 12pm, we proceed to our next shopping hunting ground… Siam Paragon. Actually it’s more like window shopping only la. Siam Paragon housed many designer labels and some labels are not even found in Malaysia. Have you ever seen a Jimmy Choo boutique in KL? There’s even a Playboy range of lingeries in Paragon shopping mall. Hehe.

We had our lunch at Siam Paragon food court. My first time tasting Pad Thai. Cost 65Baht (~RM6.50). The food is not bad… queer taste. Oh yeah to purchase food/drinks at most of the food courts in Bangkok, you need to purchase coupons. But you need not worry as the coupon is refundable if you don’t use ’em all.

After that we went to MBK. Along the way at the overhead bridge, we saw 2 soldiers stationed there. One of our friend, S took photo with them. Blek. I don’t know who that lady in the picture is ya. She just sat there and talk to them.

Traffic near MBK.

The fame MBK.

By afternoon, my legs felt like a wooden stools… leg pain la. We (sis and me) didn’t walk much in MBK. We tried on a few *cough cough* bras but x ngam. Along the way I bought 2 postcards @ 12Baht each.

While waiting for the gals and guys to finished shopping we hanged out at Swensen. We shared a cup of 3-flavour ice-cream… mango, banana and vanilla plus caramel topping @ 59Baht ONLY. Ohh lala. No service or govt tax… aiseh aiseh so worth it! The waitress even gave us 2 cups of sky juice without us asking. Don’t think we can get that kind of service in Malaysia. Also the outlook of Swensen in Bangkok is different from the one in Malaysia. Sorry, I don’t know how to explain. Hahaha

At around 5pm we regrouped and decided to go back to hostel for a 2 hours rest. On our way back to lrt station near the bottom of the MBK overhead bridge, we saw several army trucks and soldiers. What else did we do? We pose with them lo. We were among the first bravehearts to pose with them. Then many other tourists and Thais join in. Ahh I forgot to tell you guys, near our hostel cross junction, there are 2 soldiers stationed there as well with REAL GUNS.

Drama happened few steps away before we reach our hostel. One of the girls slipper’s string slit off. Who came to the rescue? Me! I loan her my mom’s Clarks sandal.

At 7pm we head out to Suan Lum Bazaar. This is the night version of Chatuchak. Although Suan Lum Bazaar is much cooler but I’m still sweating. Urghhhh. There’s a large Ferris wheel in the bazaar but we didn’t ride along as shopping is our main agenda here. We had our dinner at the food bazaar area. The place is rocking loud with live band. There are abundance of food available and I had chosen a bland crab fried rice @ 50Baht for dinner. Maybe I’ll post a very short video clip of one of the singing there in my next post (you guys will drool man!).

After dinner, it’s shopping time again! Again we go hunting in groups of 3. We bought postcards, bangles, key chains, purses and 2 additonal pairs of slipper (hahaha). Went back to hostel at 11pm and along the way we stopped by 7-11 again.

For me, the best place to shop in Bangkok is Chatuchak. CHATUCHAK RULES!!! YAY!!! Suan Lum Bazaar cannot compete with Chatuchak man. Reason… because Chatuchak products are more diversify. Of course if you ever come to Bangkok don’t leave Suan Lum Night Bazaar from your itinerary ya. Some items that are sold in Suan Lum cannot be found in Chatuchak and vice verse.

Ahh and always make shopping day as your last visit. Because you will most probably ran out of cash and have little travel money left for other activities. Eh and wear comfy shoe ya if not you’ll end up like me… buying 3 pairs of slipper!!!

To be continued…

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Bangkok Day 1

9 months ago 7 of us booked a flight to Bangkok during the Air Asia free tickets promotion. Ahh and last week the wait was finally over and now it is history. Only 5 of us could make it to Bangkok consisting of my sis’ colleague, ex-colleagues and friends. 2 more friends join in with us as their flight is only 2 hours earlier. Together 7 of us embarks on a journey of shopping extravaganza, hunting down temples, meeting friendly Thais and uhhh 1 unfriendly one, savouring Thailand’s mouth watering dishes and cruising on the beautiful Chao Phraya River. Yes Bangkok is indeed City of Angels.

Please enjoy my Bangkok trip reviews. :0

Day 1 – 23rd September 2006 (Saturday):
Touchdown at Don Muang Airport around 8.30pm some 30km away from Bangkok city center. The Air Asia’s Airbus 350 aircraft that we boarded was only 2 days old thus the leather seats smell made all of us feel like boarding a big expensive aircraft.

This is the arrival hall baggage area. Don Muang Airport is something like Sultan Azlan Shah Airport in Subang, aging gracefully but Don Muang Airport is very long. When you come to Bangkok now, you will most probably be arriving at the new Suvarnabhumi Airport.

After many minutes of discussion and consideration we (5 of us) decided to travel by airport bus to our hostel. It cost us 100Baht (~RM10) per person throughout a single journey. We were lucky because one of the airport bus routes is to Sukhumvit area where our hostel is situated. What makes me even happier is that the bus driver stopped right in front of our hostel at Sukhumvit 25 instead of Sukhumvit 23 (the normal stop). Thank You bus driver. Hehe.

I was practically blown away when I saw the hostel that we are going to spend the next 3 nights in. I even asked my sis whether this is INDEED the hostel that I’ve booked. It is squeaky clean, new and cosy. At 1,000Baht per night (~RM100) what more can you ask for for a hostel. Yes it even comes with a TV, fridge, closet, private bathroom, air-cond and 2 complimentary breakfast.

After we had refreshed ourselves, we head out to 7-11 around midnight for a light supper before turning in for the night. Yawnnnnn. 7-11 is very popular in Bangkok. You can find 7-11 practically every few blocks.

To be continued…

p/s: Congrats to M.Schumacher!!! What a stunning Chinese GP that was. Boooooo Alonso!

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Bangkok Is Perfectly Safe!!!

Hello, I’m back! This time REALLY for good.

I’ve just came back from Bangkok 2 days ago. Weeeee it’s indeed a memorable journey to remember with the occasion sore feet and plenty of dramas!!

Remember I was quite worry to go to Bangkok since the coup happened less than a week I was scheduled to leave? My worry all went away the moment I stepped into LCCT because I’m getting 1 step closer to Bangkok.

Everything is perfectly safe in Bangkok. No worry ok. Bangkok city life goes on as usual. Only at certain area you will see few soldiers stationed there and that shouldn’t hinder you from going to the place you want to go as they are always ready to smile and willing to take photo with you. For those of you planning to visit Bangkok in the near future, please do so.

Full trip reviews will be published on Monday as I’ve yet to write up my trip. Ohh and I didn’t overspend!!!! For the first time in many many trips… I didn’t overspend. Cayalah myself. 😉