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Shanghai Day 2: Oriental Pearl Tower, Lujiazui Pedestrian Bridge, The Bund & Pudong Skyline at Night (Part 2)

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Shanghai Day 1: MAS again, Maglev Train, The Bund & Becoming Zombie!
Shanghai Day 2: City God Temple, Zig Zag Bridge at Yu Garden & Xintiandi (Part 1)

After visiting Xintiandi (ζ–°ε€©εœ°), we went back to the bus stop to wait for the City Sightseeing Bus again. However we got down at the wrong stop and had to wait for the next bus. Then later on the bus went idle for nearly 30 minutes which is a good thing because we get to rest in the bus. Not much talking because we were all so tired. Our destination is dinner near Pearl Oriental Tower which you can read about here: Ajisen Ramen (tsk it’s fast food! LOL).

Just beside the tower is Lujiazui Pedestrian Bridge which is a large circle shaped bridge. You can view some of the towers and buildings in Lujiazui financial district on this bridge. There are a couple of entries and exits points on this bridge.

Oriental Pearl Tower view from Lujiazui Pedestrian Bridge. No one wants to go up the tower so we just hang out at the outside.

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Oversea, Travel

Shanghai Day 1: MAS again, Maglev Train, The Bund & Becoming Zombie!

Long post as usual. πŸ™‚

I went to Shanghai and Hangzhou on a 5 days 4 nights trip (15th September to 20th September 2013) with my ex-classmates of over 2 decades and sister in tow. It was an idea manifested during our Chinese New Year gathering.

The first time I traveled oversea with friends was 7 years ago to Bangkok. The Bangkok trip were quite enjoyable so I thought this one would be alright too except it wasn’t for my case. I didn’t enjoyed much. Either because Shanghai has not much to offer or because of the company.

Ever since my horrible experience with Airasia I’m not really fond of traveling with them again unless I have to. And this time I don’t have to. We managed to secure some really cheap seats from MAS. MAS Shanghai return ticket only cost RM1001/pax. Airasia’s Shanghai return is either only cheaper or expensive by few ringgits. So of course we choose MAS.

For this trip, I didn’t bring my DSLR which I think is kinda clever of me. LOL All the photos taking were done by my sis’ Lumix and my Samsung S3.

For Malaysians, you will need visa to visit China and you have 2 options when applying for the visa. Either you go to the Chinese Embassy yourself or apply through travel agent. We apply our visas through travel agents as it’s more convenient.

I thought I was smart by choosing the plane schedule that depart at 1.40am and reach Shanghai at 7.00am (5 hours 20 mins). Seems like a good move right? Sleep in the plane and then touch down and we can have a whole day there. WRONG! I forgot refreshment and meal are served in the plane hence not much sleeping is done. In fact some of us only slept for 1 to 2 hours in the plane. LOL Another lesson learned!

Breakfast was served at 4.50am. I was just falling asleep. This is chicken with dry noodles. Quite yummy.

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