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Gigi Sakit… Mamiiii

There’s nothing worst than staring at a ‘New Post’ screen and nothing pops up in your mind. All I can tell you is I’m so stuffed right now. My stomach feels like a balloon ready to implode. Haha Eh my stomach is in fact inflated… I have spare tyre. And I can’t stop eating! Help? Nah I love food too much.

I have to postpone making tiramisu. Not because of worry getting fat. I just made ginger snaps cookies not long ago and I can’t really enjoy it… because I have toothache. Sob sob The filling from my rear (paling dalam) tooth has came off. It’s 5 months since my last visit to the dentist. Problem with this rear ‘paling dalam’ tooth is that the dentist simply tampal with his hand, no sewing as he said it’s too inside… susah mau jahit. All these while I’m only brushing the rear side softly. Right now I’m eating on my left side of the mouth. Do you know food taste differently when you only munch at one side?

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