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Chester & His Swimming Pool

One fine & HOT day, I decided to let Chester play with his plastic baby pool swimming pool before his bath. It’s been 4 1/2 years since his last encounter with the pool. My dog is now almost a senior. He had a couple of tough months and even though his hematoma ear is still bugging me (yes me), I thought “What the heck? Let my dog enjoy himself and worry about hematoma later”. Golden retrievers with water? More ear shaking but I was ready to risk that just to see some happy hearts (including mine) on that day.

Let’s see how he reacts to this new ‘forgotten’ adventure. This is only his 3rd time with the pool.
Photos in chronological order.

Filling water in the pool.

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Splashing Good Time

Chester has a big ‘swimming pool’. I bought this pool when he was about few months old. We tried it once and it scared the living hell out of him -> he didn’t dare to go inside the pool!!! I even carried him inside but he quickly jumped out (got ghost in the pool meh?). πŸ™

I’ve been keeping this pool in the cupboard. Maybe it’s time for Chester to try out his pool for the second time?

The end results…
Note: all the photos are quite bit dark!

Chester In Pool
Chester is doing his ‘shake your bon-bon’ dance.

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