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Hangzhou Day 3: West Lake

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We’re suppose to visit Hangzhou on day 2 but decided to change to day 3 because we’re worry we won’t be able to recover from our zombie mode! Haha Traveling to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is very easy. All we need is take the metro from East Nanjing Road for 35 minutes.

While we’re trying to figure out how to buy tickets at the lower level of the railway station, we were confronted by several touts and got swayed away for a moment. They told us earlier tickets were all sold out, the latest tickets availability are from noon onwards and so asked us to buy from them and follow their tour. But I figured this can’t be true. There are lots of train to Hangzhou daily plus it’s not holiday season, impossible for the early tickets to be sold out. So we told them off HUNDRED OF TIMES and got back in line. We were able to buy tickets that depart an hour from now. Bear in mind, you need to show your passport while purchasing the train ticket. Fyi, we also bought return tickets as well.

We then proceed to Level 2, the departure hall. We found out there are ticket counters on this level as well.

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