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7일의 왕비 Queen For Seven Days (Korean Drama)

Queen For Seven Days Poster

Queen For Seven Days is a story of love between a lady called Shin Chae Kyung and her prince. Their love in this drama is so achingly sweet, and yet devastatingly sad. 😍😭 This fiction sageuk drama is based on a true story, which makes it even more heartfelt. Their real-life love story (mostly folklore) can be found in the net (in Hangul).

From day one, Queen For Seven Days is known as a drama with tragic love story. And those who know the real story, will also know why. I signed into this drama knowing for sure I will cry my heart out like what I did in Uncontrollably Fond and Oh My Geum Bi. And what I can tell you is, ALL those that watched this drama ended up crying along the journey and particularly at the end. Crying doesn’t mean weak. For this drama, crying means celebrating their sweet beautiful love until the end of time. Although the drama is not 100% true to history, for us living in 2017, getting to know their love story that happened over 500 years ago means their love stood the test of time. For that, I’m in awe!
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Misaeng, Marriage Not Dating & Nine (Kdramas)

Here are three Korean dramas which I watched in the span of a month. Yes a month! Suprisingly all are tvN dramas.

Misaeng 미생

Heard raved review about Misaeng when it was airing so I decided to marathon this drama during CNY. This 20 episodes drama starred my favorite Im Si Wan and Lee Sung Min. Also in the line-up are Kang So Ra, Kang Ha Neul, Byun Yo Han and Kim Dae-Myung.
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He Who Knows Shame

First thing first, a very Happy New Year 2013 to my dear friends and readers.

Now a little something from the 2012 KBS Drama Awards and SBS Drama Awards.

You Da In & Yeon Woo Jin
Am so happy that Yeon Woo Jin and Yoo Da In won the One-Act Special Award for their roles in my favorite Korean drama special; Just An Ordinary Love Story. I was yelling “YES!!!” when their names were announced.
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보통의 연애 Just An Ordinary Love Story (Korean Drama Special)

Just An Ordinary Love Story

I’ve just finished watching this Korean drama special series called Just An Ordinary Love Story and can’t help but swoon over the melodrama story and beautiful cinematography. It’s called Korean drama special because it’s just 4 episodes. This short drama was broadcasted right after Wild Romanceperhaps giving some time for the filming of the next K. drama; Man From the Equator to take off so that Man From The Equator will start on the same day and same time with Rooftop Prince and King 2Hearts.

Update: You Da In and Yeon Woo Jin won the actress and actor One-Act Special award at 2012 KBS Drama Awards. So happppppy!
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